Kevin Wong, BUSM ’18, Wins 2017 Information Technology Award


Kevin Wong, BUSM ’18, is a winner of a Massachusetts Medical Society’s Information Technology Award.

The award recognizes the development of an information technology tool that helps physicians practice medicine, teach medicine, or pursue clinical research. Two awards of $3,000 each are presented annually by the Massachusetts Medical Society, one to a medical student and one to a resident or fellow.

Wong’s program centers on augmented reality (AR), combining real-world environments with computer-generated sounds, text and graphics.  While current applications focus on consumer products and video games, such navigation systems have potential for use in medical education.

Using game developer software, Wong programmed 3D anatomic models into a “game environment,” which was then projected into augmented reality. Both computer-generated anatomic models and real patient anatomy derived from computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be displayed in this manner.  Wong’s work demonstrates that 3D anatomic models can be successfully programmed onto smartphone-based augmented reality and that augmented reality has potential for use in medical education. Future applications for this technology include diagnosis, surgical planning, and procedural simulations.

His career choice in otolaryngology stems from his interest in hearing implants. As a hobby, Mr. Wong explores augmented reality and saw its potential for use in medical education while dissecting anatomy. He realized AR could allow students to visualize human structures beyond the limited views of traditional pictures. Beyond AR, Wong also has a passion for research and has published over a dozen peer-reviewed papers. He also coordinates the Mass. Eye and Ear auditory brainstem implant FDA trials.