Continuing Students

Massachusetts Law requires that all full-time students be enrolled in a qualifying student health insurance plan.

All students currently enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Plus plan will continue their current coverage.

All other continuing students will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Plus individual plan with an effective date of August 23, 2014.

Aetna Student Health Website

If you do not choose to participate in the plan offered by the university you must document your participation in a health insurance plan with comparable coverage.

Please click the following link to access information regarding elements of a qualifying plan.

Comparable Coverage Checklist

If your current health insurance plan meets the guidelines, and you wish to waive the university plan, go to the Student Link select the tab Money Matters and then select Medical Insurance from the index. Student Link

Please Note:  Aetna Student Health Care benefits are terminated upon effective date of change in student status, i.e. leave of absence or withdrawal.

If you require additional information regarding University Policy please contact:

Ellen Millman
Boston University
Student Accounting Services
617-353-2870 (voice line)
617-353-3313 (office fax)


Premium rates effective August 23, 2014:

Continuing Students

Plus Plan – Annual Premium

Student      $2,610

Dependent Coverage
08/23/14 to 08/22/15

Basic Plan – Annual Premium

Spouse                 $4,739 (additional charge)
Child(ren)           $2,805 (additional charge)