June 2014

Published: July 2nd, 2014

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items


  • Congratulations Graduating Resident, Dr. Manisha Mehta for receiving the second annual Robert Foley, MBA, Award. This honor is given annually to a resident or fellow who “demonstrates the qualities that Mr. Foley brought to work every day.” Mr. Foley’s family again attended the Castle Graduation Dinner.
  • Castle Graduation Celebration 2014
  • Graduate Dr. Manisha Mehta accepting her Robert Foley, MBA Award

    Graduate Dr. Manisha Mehta accepting her Robert Foley, MBA Award

    Drs. Grace Zhao, Antonio de las Morenas, Cytopathology Fellowship Graduate Joy Tan, Huihong, Xu and John Lee

    Dr. Carl O'Hara. Dr. Daniel Remick, Department Chair; Dr. Chris Andry, Dr. Nader Rahimi and Lyndianne Joseph enjoying a lovely dinner

    Dr. Carl O’Hara. Dr. Daniel Remick, Department Chair; Dr. Chris Andry, Dr. Nader Rahimi and Lyndianne Joseph enjoying a lovely dinner

    The Foley Family, Dr. Karen Quillen and last year’s Foley Award recipient, Dr. Joy Tan


    All of our Pathology Residents; Drs. Anita Deshpande, graduate, Manisha Mehta, Anita Malek, Yanli Ding, cytology graduate, Joy Tan, Cecilia Ponchiardi, Dhay Kamel, Marilyn Nedumcheril and graduate, Dana Semmel

    All of our Pathology Residents; Drs. Anita Deshpande, graduate, Manisha Mehta, Anita Malek, Yanli Ding, cytology graduate, Joy Tan, Cecilia Ponchiardi, Dhay Kamel, Marilyn Nedumcheril and graduate, Dana Semmel

    ○       The Department is very pleased to announce that David Kindelberger, M.D., will assume the position of the Director of Surgical Pathology effective August 1, 2014. Dr. Kindelberger earned a biochemistry degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh followed by a Master’s degree in biological chemistry from the U of Michigan (Go Blue!). His M.D. degree was obtained from the SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn, New York. He trained in anatomic pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where he also completed a cytopathology fellowship. He is board certified in anatomic pathology and cytopathology. After completing his training he had an appointment as an Associate Pathologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. During this time David was the Assistant Residency Program Director and the Associate Fellowship Director for Cytopathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Since 2011 he has been the Medical Director for Converge Diagnostic Services.

    Dr. Kindelberger has been active in pathology teaching and has won the Felix Brown Award as well as the Pier Paci Memorial award for teaching at the Brigham. He has participated in the Annual Advances in Cytology Course at Harvard Medical School on 5 different occasions.

    Dr. Kindelberger’s interests are in cytopathology and gestational trophoblastic disease. He has been invited in workshops on these issues in India, Puerto Rico and Europe. He has authored more than two dozen scholarly papers and his first author paper Intraepithelial carcinoma of the fimbria and pelvic serous carcinoma: Evidence for a causal relationship published in 2007 in the American Journal of Surgical Pathology has been cited nearly 300 times.

    Please join me in welcoming Dr. Kindelberger to our Department, we are very pleased to have him join our faculty.

    ○       Congratulations on passing the Qualifying Exams!

    □      Terry Hseih
    □      Erika Langley
    □      Nisma Mujahid
    □      Liz Moses
    □      Mark Wojnarowicz
    □      Nick Woolf

    □      Thank you to the faculty members who serve on the Qualifying Exam Committee; Drs. Blusztajn, Delalle, Henderson, Rahimi, Remick and Slack with a SPECIAL Thank You Dr. Barbara Slack, Chair of the Qualifying Exam Committee

    ○       Dr. Nancy S. Miller is now President of the Northeast Branch of the American Society for Microbiology (NEB-ASM), for a one-year term

              • 37th Annual SHOCK Conference 2014: Charlotte, North Carolina, June 6 – 10, 2014
                • Daniel Remick, M.D., received the Shock Society’s Scientific Achievement Award for 2014. This award was given in recognition of his many scientific accomplishment, including have the most cited paper in the journal Shock, Six at Six
                • Daniel Remick, M.D., was the moderator of the session: “New Investigators Session, Finding Your Scientific Niche” at the 37th Annual Shock Society Meeting
                • Recent graduate Evan Chiswick, PhD had a poster presentation entitled: “Humoral Elements in Lethal/Non-Lethal Sepsis Prime for Survival or Death.” Authors: Evan L. Chiswick, Daniel G. Remick
                •  Dr. Chiswick also received a Shock Travel Award
                • Terry Hseih, MD/PhD candidate gave a poster presentation, “SUBSTANCE P REGULATES IMMUNE PRIMING FOLLOWING TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY;”  T. Hsieh, E.G. King, D.M. Stepien, E. Duffy, D.G. Remick
              • An R21 grant, R21AI112887-01, Mechanisms of phagocytic cell defects induced by inhibitory IgG was awarded to Daniel Remick, M.D.
              • Effective July 1, 2014, Barbara Slack, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine will become the new course director for the dental school pathology course. Dr. Carmen Sarita-Reyes will continue as the course co-director to allow a smooth transition.

              Dr. Slack has been actively involved in pathology education for several years. She chairs the pathology Ph.D. qualifying exam and has been course director for several of our Special Topics courses. Her prior experience in managing courses will ensure that the dental school pathology course continues to deliver excellent education to the dental students.

              The Department wishes to thank Dr. Sarita-Reyes for her excellent stewardship of this course. Dr. Cataldo Leone, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the Goldman School of Dental Medicine has been very pleased with Dr. Sarita-Reyes expertise and attention to detail in serving as course co-director. Dr. Sarita-Reyes has been selected to serve on the American Dental Association National Board Test Construction Committee. Serving on this committee provided clear evidence of Dr. Sarita-Reyes’s contributions to pathology education on a national stage.

              ○      BMC Working Parents Group Summer Picnic at Castle Island; Saturday, July 26, 11AM-2PM:
              Bring a picnic lunch (or grab food at Sullivan’s) and bring your family and friends for a fun afternoon by the beach!  Stroll the Harborwalk, fly a kite, play ball, swing at the playground, explore Fort Independence! We’ll meet near the picnic area on the hill, near Sullivan’s and the parking lot. Look for the BMC banner! All BMC ERGs are welcome! see link to flyer CastleIsland2014

              ○      Sandra Cerda, MD has assumed the position of Director of Cytology, and Director of the Cytology Fellowship Program effective July 1, 2014. Dr. Cerda is board certified in anatomic pathology and cytology and brings strong expertise in cytology. The Department is pleased that Dr. Cerda has assumed this new leadership role.
              ○      Dr. Kazem Azadzoi was an invited speaker at the Society of Urodynamics and Female Urology 2014 Annual Meeting, February/March in Miami, FLorida to give a lecture on “The Mechanism of Bladder Overactivity in Pelvic Ischemia”
              ○      Barb Nikolajczyk, PhD gave talk at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, June 2014 entitled “Roles of B cells in types 2 diabetes and T2D-assocaited periodontal disease”

              Publications: PUBLISHED:

                                    • Anton BP, Kasif S, Roberts RJ and Steffen M (2014). Objective: Biochemical Function. Front. Genet. 5:210. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00210
                                    • Cao, Y, Z R Hunter, X Liu, L Xu, G Yang, J Chen, C J Patterson, et al. “The WHIM-like CXCR4(S338X) Somatic Mutation Activates AKT and ERK, and Promotes Resistance to Ibrutinib and Other Agents Used in the Treatment of Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia.” Leukemia (June 10, 2014). doi:10.1038/leu.2014.187
                                    • Castillo, Jorge J., Adam J. Olszewski, Angel M. Cronin, Zachary R. Hunter, and Steven P. Treon. “Survival Trends in Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia: An Analysis of the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results Database.” Blood 123, no. 25 (June 19, 2014): 3999–4000. doi:10.1182/blood-2014-05-574871
                                    • Jie Ma, Manisha Mehta, Godfrey Lam,Desireé Cyr, Tat Fong Ng,1 Tatsuo Hirose, Khaled A. Tawansy,Andrew W. Taylor, Kameran Lashkari.  Influence of subretinal fluid in advanced stage  retinopathy of prematurity on proangiogenic response and cell proliferation. ‘Molecular Vision’ Article ID: 999; Volume: 20; EJP Article Number: 2014MOLVIS0106

    May 2014

    Published: June 11th, 2014

    Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items


    • Maria Panchenko, PhD lectured April 28th and 29th:
      • The Institute of Biosciences and Technology (Houston, Texas) for their Special Seminar Series
      • The Veterinary School of A&M University (College Station, Texas) at Toxicology Seminar Series,
      • Her talk was “Histone Acetyl Transferase HBO1-JADE1 Complex in Epithelial Cell Injury and Regeneration”
    • Debbie Stearns-Kurosawa, PhD was invited to give a presentation at the 37th annual Shock Society meeting in Charlotte, NC in June 2014.  The title of her talk will be “A Darwinian View of Sepsis Animal Models”. 
    • Caitlyn Leibowitz, PhD candidate in the Kurosawa lab, had her research accepted for a poster presentation at the 37th Annual Shock Society Meeting in Charlotte, NC in June 2014. Caitlin also received a $1000 travel award to attend the meeting 
    • Dr. Carmen Sarita-Reyes recently presented (May 14th-16th) at the American Dental Association, Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations Microbiology-Pathology Test Construction Committee Meeting in Chicago, Illinois as the Pathology representative on the Test Construction Committee
    • David Sherr, PhD along with David Seldin, MD, PhD as Co-PIs, just received a $300,000 award from the Avon Foundation to study the role of environmental chemicals in driving production of breast cancer stem cells

    Sherr.Seldin.AvonAward2014 1

    David Sherr, PhD, and David Seldin, MD, receiving their award at the end of this year’s Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

    • Barbara Nikolajczyk, PhD gave a presentation at the American Association of Immunologists Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, Major Symposium, “The Th17 axis dominates human type 2 diabetes,” May 2014
    • Dr. Nikolajczyk, PhD also received a Seed Grant entitled “Epigenetic prediction of insulin resistance,” from the Genome Sciences Institute, Boston University, funded from 5/1/14 – 4/30/15, $16,700.00
    • Jacquelyn Sikora, PhD candidate in the Connors Lab attended the International Symposium on Amyloidosis in Indianapolis from April 27- May 1 along with Dr. Lawreen Connors and the rest of the Amyloidosis Center. Jacquelyn gave an oral presentation entitled “Non-coding genetic variation of the transthyretin gene in senile systemic amyloidosis” on Tuesday, April 29th and Jacquelyn also gave a poster presentation of the same title on Wednesday, April 30th.
    • Clarissa Koch, PhD candidate in the Connors Lab also presented a poster at the International Symposium on Amyloidosis in Indianapolis; “Serum levels of retinol binding protein and transthyretin are altered in patients with TTR-associated forms of amyloidosis.” Authors: Clarissa M. Koch, Evan L. Chiswick, Haili Cui, Gloria G. Chan, Carl J. O’Hara, John L. Berk, David C. Seldin, Lawreen H. Connors.
    • This year, Boston University for the first time started a “Physician Assistance Program”. PhD Candidates Mostafa Belghasem (Henderson Lab) and Caitlin Miller (Gummuluru Lab) taught the immunology part of the PS701 BMS (Basic Medical Sciences) course, one of the first year curriculum courses
    • In addition Mostafa presented a study workshop titled “How to Study Course Material & Improve Grades” to students taking PA600 (Introduction to Pathology and Pathophysiology of Disease). The workshop was offered after several students requested from the course directors ways in which they might better study the course material with the aim of improving their performance on the final exam. Very special thanks to Dr. Tom Christensen and Cecelia Slayter for organizing the event.
    • Dr. Akifumi Fujita, a visiting radiology scholar from Japan working with our Pathology Team has received Best Case Award for the Neuroradiology Section at AIRP with “Malignant mixed tumor (Carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma) of the palate”. AIRP is American Institution for Radiologic Pathology. The four-week radiologic pathology correlation course presents a comprehensive review of radiologic imaging with emphasis on the principles of radiologic-pathologic correlation. Approximately 95 percent of U.S. radiology residents attend the course at some point during their training. Additionally, a large number of radiology residents and fellows from Canada, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Asia and South America regularly attend the course. Residents submit hundreds of cases to the AIRP, but only a handful are designated as the course’s “best cases.” Dr. Fujita worked in particular with Dr. Huihong Xu and Dr. Anita Malek who prepared all of the pathology images (gross and micro), slide, and documents.
    • Graduation for PhDs and Masters Candidates was the May 16-17 Weekend; here are some photos of the happy occasion: 2 (4)

    Masters Degree Graduates, Benjamin Lee & Sun Young Jang; May 16, 2014. Well done! 3 (5)

    Dr. Deborah Stearns-Kurosawa, Benjamin Lee’s mentor, graduate Ben Lee, graduate Sun Young Jang and Dr. Chris Andry, Masters Program Director following May, 2014 Graduation Ceremonies! 1 (5)

    Dr. Chris Andry, Masters Degree Program Director and recent graduate Benjamin Lee


      • DSC02882 photo 4

        New graduates, Evan Chiswick, PhD and Jed Mahoney, PhD celebrating their achievements, May 17, 2014. Bravo!

    DSC02889photo 5

    Evan Chiswick, PhD and his family attend graduation at Agannis Arena


    Publications: ACCEPTED:

    • Zhu, M, DeFuria, J, Carr, JD, Belkina, AC, Van Dyke, TE, Gyurko, R, Nikolajczyk, BS. B cells promote obesity-associated periodontitis and oral pathogen-associated inflammation.  J. Leuk. Biol. (In Press)

    Publications: PUBLISHED:

    • Eladio Rodriguez-Diaz, PhD,* Christopher Atkinson, MD,† Lisa I. Jepeal, BA,* Adam Berg, MD,* Christopher S. Huang, MD,* Sandra R. Cerda, MD,‡ Michael J. O’Brien, MD, MPH,‡ Irving J. Bigio, PhD,*,§Francis A. Farraye, MD, MSc,* and Satish K. Singh, MD*,§,k; Elastic Scattering Spectroscopy as an Optical Marker of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Activity and Subtypes. Inflamm Bowel Dis _ Volume 0, Number 0, Month 2014
    • Zhou, Yangsheng, Xia Liu, Lian Xu, Zachary R Hunter, Yang Cao, Guang Yang, Ruben Carrasco, and Steven P Treon. “Transcriptional Repression of Plasma Cell Differentiation Is Orchestrated by Aberrant over-Expression of the ETS Factor SPIB in Waldenström Macroglobulinaemia.” British Journal of Haematology (May 07, 2014). doi:10.1111/bjh.12936

    April 2014

    Published: April 30th, 2014

    Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items


    • On Behalf of Dr. Sandra Cerda; Residency Program Director:
    • We have received great news from the ACGME Residency Review Committee (RRC) for Pathology who recently met and reviewed our Anatomic and Clinical Pathology-Residency Program.  We have been granted “Continued Accreditation” for 10 years (effective 4/17/2014 until 4/1/2024).  We want to thank everyone who is involved with our residency program and our residents for making this possible
    • A manuscript from Panchenko Lab “Cell cycle-dependent chromatin shuttling of HBO1-JADE1 histone acetyl transferase (HAT) complex”  by Nirodhini S Siriwardana, Rosana Meyer, Andrea Havasi, Isabel Dominguez, and Maria V Panchenko was accepted in the “Cell Cycle” Journal in a record short time and is available online. According to the reviewer “The authors have performed elegant and conclusive experiments to prove their point and have extended their experiment with an in vitro model of kidney regeneration. I recommend publication.” The study has been selected by the Journal to be further promoted in the “News&Views” section.
    • Dr. Shinichiro Kurosawa has been invited to give two talks in May:
      • At the 29th Japan Shock Society Meeting; “A new animal model of human pneumonia followed by sepsis” on May 17th in Matsuyama, Japan
      • Also invited to give a talk at the 36th Congress of the Japanese Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis; “Searching for New Insights into the Mechanism of Thrombotic Microangiopathies (TMAs) and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)on May 28 – 30, Osaka, Japan
    • Dr. David Sherr gave a podcast at the Museum of Science on Breast Cancer and the Environment in March entitled “The role of the environment in Breast Cancer-Research in the Boston University Superfund Research Program.” Listen here
    • Caitlin Miller, PhD Candidate Gummuluru Lab, will be presenting at the Cold Spring Harbor Conference on Retroviruses May 19th-24th in Cold Harbor, New York. The title of her talk is, “HIV-1 Vpr is necessary for gp120 production and incorporation into myeloid cell-derived progeny virions;” Caitlin M. Miller, Hisashi Akiyama, Nora Guadalupe Pina Ramirez, Suzanne Geer Kijewski, and Rahm Gummuluru
    • Dr. Ivana Delalle has also been invited to give two lectures in May:
      • A platform presentation at the 6th Croatian Obesity Congress entitled “Central Nervous System Control of Food Intake and Body Weight” on May 9, 2014 in Sibenik, Croatia.
      • Lecture entitled “MicroRNAs as Biomarkers for Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder” at the Croatian Institute for Brain Research at Zagreb University School of Medicine on May 14, 2014 in Zagreb, Croatia
    • Dr. Barb Nikolajczyk was asked to give two talks in April:
      • Washington University School of Medicine, Center for Human Nutrition, St. Louis, MO, “B cells support a dominant Th17 cytokine signature in human type 2 diabetes,” April 2014
      • Michigan State University, Department of Pharmacology, Lansing, MI, “B cells support a dominant Th17 cytokine signature in human type 2 diabetes,” April 2014
    • Dr. Nikolajczyk recently received a new grant; Epigenetic prediction of insulin resistance
      • PI: Barbara Nikolajczyk; Agency: Genome Sciences Institute, Boston University; Type: Seed Grant; Funding Period: 5/1/14 – 4/30/15
    • RUSSEK AWARDS: Dr. Barbara Slack is pleased to announce that this year’s Russek Award recipients in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine are,
      • First prize- Caitlin Leibowitz (Advisor: Deborah J. Stearns-Kurosawa)
      • From Dr. Stearns-Kurosawa, Caitlin was selected to receive a First Prize Award in the H.I. Russek Student Achievement Awards Competition, in recognition of her excellent work as a graduate student at Boston University School of Medicine, and her service to the BU community.  She will give a presentation on Russek Day, May 2nd
      • Second Prize- Nicole Stauffer (Advisor: Joseph P. Mizgerd)
      • Congratulations to Caitlin and Nicole, and thank you to everyone who submitted abstracts for the poster session. Russek Day will be held on May 2nd in the Hiebert Lounge (L building, 14th floor)
    • Nancy S. Miller, M.D. published a lead article in Clinical Microbiology Newsletter (Vol. 36, No. 8 April 15, 2014) entitled: “Occupy Call Street? Reconsidering a Microbiology Critical Action Value Policy”
    • Jason Sutin, PhD Candidate gave a talk on April 29th at the Optical Society’s Biomedical Optics conference in Miami, Florida. The title of his presentation is “Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy Measurement Of Cerebral Hemodynamics And Oxygen Metabolism During Anesthesia-Induced Burst Suppression In Rats.”
    • David Sherr, PhD, Lab was awarded a supplement to Ben Wolozin’s RO1 to study the effects of environmental chemicals on development of ALS

    Publications: ACCEPTED:

    • Nirodhini S Siriwardana, Rosana Meyer, Andrea Havasi, Isabel Dominguez, and Maria V Panchenko; “Cell cycle-dependent chromatin shuttling of HBO1-JADE1 histone acetyl transferase (HAT) complex,” accepted by Cell Cycle

    Publications: PUBLISHED:

    • Zhu, M, DeFuria, J, Carr, JD, Belkina, AC, Van Dyke, TE, Gyurko, R, Nikolajczyk, BS; “B cells promote obesity-associated periodontitis and oral pathogen-associated inflammation.”  J. Leuk. Biol. (In Press).

    March 2014

    Published: April 2nd, 2014

    Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items


            • Nader Rahimi, PhD had recent work in the news and this work was described as a future medicine for cancer treatment (please see link) Rahimi2014.future medicine
            • Huihong Xu, MD was invited to give a lecture of “Frozen Section Diagnosis” at China Shanghai Fudan University Cancer Hospital, Department of Pathology, on January 8th
            • John “Jed” Mahoney , PhD, Cardoso Lab, successfully defended his thesis “The Hippo Pathways Effector Yap Controls Patterning and Differentiation of the Airway Epithelium” on Friday, March 21st   
            • Evan Chiswick , PhD, Remick Lab, successfully defended his thesis “Failure to Kill, Kills: Impaired Bacterial Killing Precedes Death in Polymicrobial Sepsis” on Friday, March 28th   
            • Shinichiro Kurosawa, MD, PhD was invited to give a seminar on March 10th at Harvard Medical School at a joint symposium of the BWH-DFCI Joint Immunology Seminar Series.  The title of his talk was “A pre-clinical animal model of B. anthracis infection:  A new insight into the cause of death.”
            • The Hematology Lab will be providing “Immunofecal Occult Blood Testing” as of 3/17/14, which will be used in screening patients for gastrointestinal bleeding and colorectal cancer. The hematology lab will be using Polymedco’s OC-AUTO Micro 80 platform. This test is more sensitive (one specimen instead of multiple) and more specific (you can eat a hamburger beforehand) than the “Guaic Test”. Melissa Gallinaro, Daoreuang Pongvongkeo, John Lee, Chris Andry, and Carl O’Hara were involved in bringing this test in-house and validating this test.
            • The Hematology Lab will also be providing in-house “Platelet Aggregation Testing” as of 3/17/14, which will be used in assessing baseline platelet function as well as antiplatelet drug efficacy. The hematology lab will be using Chrono-log’s Model 700 Aggregometer platform. This platform uses aggregation impedence methodology, which is favored over the traditional light transmittance methology. Renee Nutting, Daoreuang Pongvongkeo, and John Lee were involved in bringing this test in-house and validating this test.
            • USCAP 2014, United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology’s 103rd  Annual Meeting;         San Diego, California; March 1 – 7, 2014:
              • PhD Candidate, Philip Bondzie, Henderson Lab presented a poster entitled:Glomerular Gene Expression Profiling and Kidney Morphology in Carriers of APOL1 Risk AllelesBondzie P, Norman T, Yang S, Henderson JM
              • Abstracts from our faculty, residents and fellow:
                • “PD-L1 Expression in Stage IV Lung Cancer”. Yue Sun, Huihui Ye, Hao Wu, and Carl O’Hara


                  Dr. Yue Sun with her poster presentation

                • “Correlation of TWIST Expression in Different Histologic Subtypes of Primary Adenocarcinoma in Lung”. Anita Malek , Hasmeena Kathuria, Carl O’Hara 


                  Dr. Anita Malek with her poster presentation

                • “The Processing of Surgical Specimens with Forensic Evidence: Lesson’s Learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing”. Cathryn Byrne-Dugan MD, MPH; Anita Deshpande MD, Terra Ceddroth MD, Daniel Remick, MD
                • “HSATII as a Biomarker for Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma”. Anita Deshpande, M.D., Josenia Narcisa M Tan, M.D., Kshitij Arora, M.D.,Vikram Deshpande, M.D.,David Ting, M.D., Antonio de las Morenas M.D., PhD  

                  Dr. Anita Despande and Dr. Joy Tan with their poster presentation

                  Dr. Anita Despande and Dr. Joy Tan with their poster presentation

                • “Combined Cytology and HPV Testing after Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP)/Conization of the Cervix Increases the Rate of Detection of Residual Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Patients with Negative Margins”. Josenia N.M. Tan M.D., Dhay Kamel M.D., Huihong Xu M.D
                • “Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Thyroiditis, Linked by Severity of Chronic Inflammation or Anti-Thyroid Autoantibodies?” Josenia N.M. Tan M.D.,  Antonio de las Morenas M.D., PhD  

                  Dr. Joy Tan with her poster presentation

                  Dr. Joy Tan with her poster presentation

              • PhD Candidate, Mostafa Belghasem’s, Henderson Lab poster was: “Molecular Profiling of Glomeruli in a Glomerular Hypertension Mouse Model” Authors: Mostafa Belghasem, MD, Philip Bondzie, Timothy Norman, Meizhen Cao, Hui Chen, MD, Joel Henderson, MD, PhD.
            • From the Lawreen Connors Lab:
              • PhD candidates, Clarissa Koch and Jacquelyn Sikora as well as a recent grad and new post-doc Michael Greene, PhD have all received Travel Awards from the Amyloidosis Foundation to attend and present at the IXth International Symposium on Amyloidosis. The meeting will be held in Indianapolis from April 27 – May 1
                • Clarissa will be presenting a poster entitles: “Serum and tissue levels of retinol binding protein in patients with TTR-associated forms of amyloidosis”
                • Jacquelyn’s poster presentation will be: “Non-coding genetic variation of the transthyretin gene in senile systemic amyloidosis” on April 30th
              • Dr. Connors will also be attending the meeting and presenting results of “A five year prospective longitudinal study of patients with senile systemic amyloidosis
            • Dr. Daniel Remick has recently been elected to:
              • American Society of Investigative Pathology – elected member of council 2014 – 2017
              • Association of Pathology Chairs — elected Chair of Research Committee 2014 – 2017
            • Dr. Nancy Miller presented at the University of Colorado School of Medicine Office of Continuing Education, “Point-of-Care Meets Microbiology: What We Have, What We Need, What is On the Way? Preparing for the Next Frontier at Point-of-Care” on Friday, March 28th
            • Dr. Barb Nikolajczyk had several invited presentations for March 2014:
              • Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA, “B cells support a dominant Th17 cytokine signature in human type 2 diabetes”
              • National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences/NIH, Rockville, MD, “B cells support a dominant Th17 cytokine signature in human type 2 diabetes”
              • American Association of Dental Researchers Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC, “B cells link periodontal disease and type 2 diabetes”
            • Publications: PUBLISHED:

              • Zhu M1, Nikolajczyk BS; “Immune Cells Link Obesity-associated Type 2 Diabetes and Periodontitis.” Journal of  Dent Res. 2014 Apr;93(4):346-52. doi: 10.1177/0022034513518943. Epub 2014 Jan 6.
              • A 2013 paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences raised questions about the value of using mouse models to study human disease. A group of investigators prepared a scientific rebuttal which has just been published: M. F. Osuchowski, D. G. Remick, J. A. Lederer, C. H. Lang, A. O. Aasen, M. Aibiki, L. C. Azevedo, S. Bahrami, M. Boros, R. Cooney, S. Cuzzocrea, Y. Jiang, W. G. Junger, H. Hirasawa, R. S. Hotchkiss, X. A. Li, P. Radermacher, H. Redl, R. Salomao, A. Soebandrio, C. Thiemermann, J. L. Vincent, P. Ward, Y. M. Yao, H. P. Yu, B. Zingarelli and I. H. Chaudry: “Abandon the Mouse Research Ship? Not Just Yet!” Shock, 2014
              • Fulciniti, Mariateresa, Nicola Amodio, Rajya Lakshmi Bandi, Mansa Munshi, Guang Yang, Lian Xu, Zachary Hunter, et al. “MYD88-Independent Growth and Survival Effects of Sp1 Transactivation in Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia.” Blood (March 12, 2014). doi:10.1182/blood-2014-01-550509

              A Day on Capitol Hill:

              FASEB invited a representative from Pathology to attend the annual Capital Hill Day. I participated in the event representing multiple groups. Specifically, as the Chair of the Research Committee of the Association of Pathology Chairs and the Chair of the Public Affairs Working Group of the American Society of Investigative Pathology. My report that I filed with the University is shown below. – Dan Remick, March 7, 2014.

              Advocating For Increased Federal Funding For Basic Science Research

              Every year the Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biologists (FASEB) brings scientists to Washington DC as part of Capital Hill Day. Scientists from across the country meet with Congressional staff to discuss the importance of federal research funding. On March 5, 2014 scientists from 21 states met with their representatives. FASEB’s specific recommendations for funding included $32 billion for the National Institutes of Health and $7.6 billion for the National Science Foundation. The $32 billion recommendation for NIH funding represents fewer actual dollars (not inflation adjusted dollars) compared to 2010. More information about federal funding for basic science research is available on the FASEB website:

              Three scientists from Boston University formed the State of Massachusetts delegation for Capital Hill Day. Shoumita Dasgupta,  Ph.D, from the Department of Medicine,

              Joe, Shoumita, Doug and Dan advocating for science

              Joe, Shoumita, Doug and Dan advocating for science

              Biomedical Genetics Section, Daniel Remick, M.D., from the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and Douglas Rosene, Ph.D., from the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology. They were escorted by Joseph Joseph McInerney, the Executive Vice President of the American Society of  of of Human Genetics. The group visited the offices of Senators Warren and Markey as well as Representatives Tierney and Kennedy.

              At each office the group gave specific information about how reduced funding for science was having multiple negative impacts. Individual stories were told including:

              • Scientists no longer doing research because of lack of funding
              • Increased scientific publications from other countries in the Journal of Immunology compared to publications from the United States
              • International genomic sequencing initiatives (e.g. Beijing Genomics Institute) surpassing efforts at the NIH.
              • Loss of funding for the Framingham Heart studies and missing a generation of data
              • Decreased funding resulting in fewer experiments to examine the devastating effects of aging. These studies require a long term, consistent commitment since aging takes place over decades and it is difficult to start and stop science.

              All of the staff assured us that the Senators and Representatives were highly supportive of increased funding for basic science research. Each agreed to submit programmatic requests to the budget committees. This will ensure that funding for basic science will be considered as an integral part of the budget process and not as a separate earmark. They also agreed to sign a “Dear Colleague” letter to be circulated to other Senators and Representatives advocating increased funding for NIH research.  On behalf of Provost Antman, the Boston University faculty invited our Senators, Representatives and their staff to come and visit the basic science labs at Boston University, and thanked them for their continued support.

    GMS PA 910 New Course offering

    Published: April 2nd, 2014

    The objective of this course is to introduce students to the creation, maintenance and efficient use of an indispensible component of translational research in medicine – human tissue and its derivatives. Lectures from invited speakers with extensive experience in human bio-specimens generation, maintenance, and utilization, will provide students with knowledge how to successfully obtain and utilize human bio-specimens. Topics will include logistics and legal aspects of creating and sustaining bio-banks, federal and institutional regulatory and funding mechanisms, and concrete examples of human bio-specimens use to generate break-through data in specific field of biomedical research. Special attention will be given to human biospecimens used in neuroscience as four neuropathologists/neuroscientists from Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Boston University are enlisted as speakers to give comprehensive overview of biospecimens utilized in neurodegenerative diseases and brain tumors.


    February 2014

    Published: March 4th, 2014

    Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items


    • Nancy Miller, M.D. has been appointed as a member of the Editorial Board for Annals of Clinical and Medical Microbiology. The Annals of Clinical and Medical Microbiology was recently launched and solicited editorial board members. From the journal’s website Annals of Clinical and Medical Microbiology is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal that brings about latest research in all clinical and medical aspects of clinical and medical microbiology. This journal focus upon the most recent research associated with the prognosis, laboratory diagnosis of human and animal infections and understanding the role of the pathogens in both infectious diseases as well as in the exposition of epidemiology of infections.” Dr. Miller’s expertise will be utilized to assure that only papers of the highest quality are accepted for publication. More information about the journal may be found at their website:
    • Jessica (Allen) Ritter, PhD Candidate in the Genco Lab will be presenting a poster entitled, “Neisseria gonorrhoeae modulates immune cell survival through pyroptosis” at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Sexually Transmitted Infections Cooperative Research Centers February 19th-21st, 2014 in Cambridge, MA
    • Dr. Huihong Xu was invited to give a lecture on “Frozen Section Diagnosis” at China Shanghai Fudan University Cancer Hospital, Department of Pathology, on January 28th, 2014
    • Nancy S. Miller, M.D. presented “Point of Care Meets Microbiology: Preparing for the next frontier at point-of-care”, at the Department of Laboratory Medicine Seminar Series, Yale University School of Medicine on February 21st
    • Once again on Monday, February 10th the Graduate School of Medical Sciences held another successful PIBS Graduate Program Interview Day. The full day for 53 candidates consisted of a breakfast; an overview of the programs BUSM has to offer (Pathology included); 3-4 interviews with faulty; lunch with Program Directors and Department Chairs; tours and an end-of-day Poster/Interview session. Representatives for Pathology at the Poster/Interview session included: Faculty – Drs. Susan Winandy, New Graduate Program Director, Krzysztof Blusztajn, Daniel Remick, Barbara Slack, and Jackie Sharon as well as current PhD candidates; Parul Agnihotri, Zach Hunter, Caitlin Leibowitz, Caitlin Miller, Jess Ritter and Nicole Stauffer. Thank you all for sharing your time and research!
    • Blood Bank News:
      • CAP was in for a very successful inspection of AP and CP on January 14
      • The Federation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapies (FACT) came for a planned assessment of the complete Stem Cell Transplant Program, including the Blood Bank Stem Cell Processing Lab on January 27. Very successful!
      • While we were still catching our breath, the FDA arrived unannounced on January 30 till February 3 for an extremely thorough inspection of all blood bank functions.  The FDA views Blood Banks as “manufacturers” and all processes that affect the safety, purity and potency of the blood product were scrutinized.  The FDA found no deviations or deficiencies in any of our processes.  All FDA inspections are unannounced and occur roughly every 2 years.
    • Charline Mack has been officially/formally named Manager for Anatomic Pathology. Charline is a wonderful leader for our Anatomic Pathology Department, as well as playing a broader management role within the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. Please join me in congratulating Charline!

    Publications: PUBLISHED:

    • Treon, Steven P, Yang Cao, Lian Xu, Guang Yang, Xia Liu, and Zachary R Hunter. “Somatic Mutations in MYD88 and CXCR4 Are Determinants of Clinical Presentation and Overall Survival in Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia.” Blood (February 19, 2014). doi:10.1182/blood-2014-01-550905
    • Xu, L, Z R Hunter, G Yang, Y Cao, X Liu, R Manning, C Tripsas, et al. “Detection of MYD88 L265P in Peripheral Blood of Patients with Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia and IgM Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance.” Leukemia (February 10, 2014). doi:10.1038/leu.2014.65

    January 2014

    Published: January 31st, 2014

    Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items



    • The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has formed a new Web Site Committee. The purpose of the committee will be to provide advice about the organization, content and structure of our current website. The team will meet monthly towards the goal of ultimately making our site informative, interesting, easily viewed and technologically current! The group is representative of the various components of the department. Committee members are: Chris Andry, Krzysztof Blusztajn, Lindy Joseph, Mary McGovern, Barbara Slack, Celia Slayter, Debbie Stearns-Kurosawa, Mark Wojnarowicz and Grace Zhao.
    • On Friday, January 24th the Graduate School of Medical Sciences held another successful PIBS Graduate Program Interview Day. The full day for 52 candidates consisted of a breakfast; an overview of the programs BUSM has to offer (Pathology included); 3-4 interviews with faculty; lunch with Program Directors and Department Chairs; tours and an end-of-day Poster/Interview session. Representatives for Pathology at the Poster/Interview session included: Faculty – Drs. Susan Winandy, New Graduate Program Director, Krzysztof Blusztajn, Ivana Delalle, Barbara Slack, and Jackie Sharon as well as current PhD candidates; Parul Agnihotri, Zach Hunter, Caitlin Miller, Jess Ritter and Nicole Stauffer. Thank you all for sharing your time and research!

    Publications: ACCEPTED:

    • Dr. Ivana Delalle’s funded collaboration with Dr. Li-Huei Tsai at MIT has been accepted for publication in Cell: JJ   Jinsoo Seo1,2,3, Paola Giusti-Rodriguez1,2, Ying Zhou1,2,3, Andrii Rudenko1,2,3, Sukhee Cho1,2, Kristie T. Ota1,2,, Christine Park1,2, Holger Patzke1,2, Ji-Song Guan1,2, Ling Pan1,2,3, Ram Madabhushi1,2,3, Ivana Delalle4, and Li-Huei Tsai1,2,3 : “Activity-dependent p25 Generation Regulates Synaptic Depression and Aß-induced Pathology.” 1The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, 2Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 3Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 4Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine

    Publications: PUBLISHED:

    • Christopher Dittus and Dana Semmel; “Leishmania amastigotes visualized on bone marrow aspirate in a leishmaniasis and HIV coinfected patient presenting with pancytopenia.” Blood, December 19, 2013 vol. 122 no. 26 4162
    • Azadzoi KM, Yang J, and Siroky M. “Neural regulation of sexual function in men.” WJ Clin Urol 24; 2(3): 32-41, 2013
    • Liu D, Liu C, Li J, Azadzoi KM et al: “Proteomic analysis reveals increased acetylation in human amyotrophic lateral sclerosis spinal cord.” PLOS ONE 8(12):e80779, 2013
    • King EG, Bauza GJ, Mella JR, Remick DG. “Pathophysiologic mechanisms in septic shock.” Lab Invest 2014; 94(1):4-12
    • Craciun FL, Iskander KN, Chiswick EL, Stepien DM, Henderson JM, Remick DG. “Early murine polymicrobial sepsis predominantly causes renal injury.” Shock 2014; 41(2):97-103
    • Bauza G, Moitra R, Remick D. “Adenosine receptor antagonists effect on plasma-enhanced killing.” Shock 2014; 41(1):62-66
    • Yang SH, Gustafson J, Gangidine M, Stepien D, Schuster R, Pritts TA, et al. “A murine model of mild traumatic brain injury exhibiting cognitive and motor deficits.” J Surg Res 2013; 184(2):981-988
    • Remick D. “Use of animal models for the study of human disease-a shock society debate.” Shock 2013; 40(4):345-346


      December 2013

      Published: January 6th, 2014

      Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items -


      • Antonio de las Morenas, M.D., Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has been recognized by Boston magazine as a Top Doc in Boston. According to BU Today, “To be included in Boston magazine’s Top Doc list, physicians undergo a rigorous screening process by national medical research firm Castle Connolly. The firm gathers nominations online from other licensed physicians, conducts phone interviews with medical professionals to corroborate nominations, and checks the professional qualifications of all nominees . . .”

      The list of pathologists in Boston in the top docs may be found here:

      ○      From Dr. Daniel Remick, Department Chair: the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is pleased to announce that Susan Winandy, Ph.D., will become the Director of Graduate Studies in January, 2014. Dr. Winandy is the Nancy Bucher Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. She is a member of the Immunology Training Program at Boston University and her work focuses on the study of the protein Ikaros in T cell development and function. The Department thanks Nader Rahimi, Ph.D. for his efforts over the years to the mentoring and growth of our graduate students.

      • Dr. Ivana Delalle will be directing a new graduate course, GMS PA-910 “Human Biospecimens for Research”  approved by Academic Policy Committee in November
      • Also Dr. Ivana Delalle presented a poster entitled “Differential expression of exosomal miR-29c and miR-149 in brain tissue of bipolar disorder patients and rat model of depression” by Zhan Y1, Kozubek J1, Kao P1, Rezvani A2, and Delalle I1, 1Boston Univ. Sch. Of Med., BOSTON, MA, 2Duke University, DURHAM, NC, at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting in San Diego, California on November 11, 2013
      • Nancy S. Miller, M.D. directed the “Molecular Micro Grand Slam!” sponsored by the Northeast Branch – American Society for Microbiology, December 6th, at Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA. The all-day seminar featured lectures in molecular theory & laboratory applications, and a hands-on practical workshop emphasizing good molecular techniques. Workshop faculty also included Beverley Orr, MT(ASCP) and Valerie Kosick, M(ASCP)CM from the BMC Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, and Marisa Chattman M.S., SM (ASCP)CM from Tufts Medical Center
      • Dr. Ivana Delalle was an invited lecturer at Goettingen University Medical Center, Germany (invitation by Dr. Andre Fischer, Professor at European Neuroscience Institute) on December 19; “Human biospecimens data sharing in NIH-  funded international collaborative projects”
      • PhD Candidate, Zach Hunter presented the following posters at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting, December 7-10; New Orleans, Louisiana:
        • “Highly Recurrent Copy Number Alterations and Insight Into The Origins Of 6q Deletions In Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia Revealed By Whole Genome Sequencing;” Zachary Hunter, Lian Xu, Guang Yang, Xia Liu, Yang Cao, Robert Manning, Christina K Tripsas, Christopher Patterson and Steven Peter Treon
        • “Somatic Activating Mutations In CXCR4 Are Common In Patients With Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia, and Their Expression In WM Cells Promotes Resistance To Ibrutinib;” Yang Cao, Zachary Hunter, Xia Liu, Lian Xu, Guang Yang, Christina K Tripsas, Robert Manning, Christopher Patterson and Steven Peter Treon
        • “Telomerase Contributes To Repair Of DNA Breaks In Myeloma Cells By Incorporating “TTAGGG” Sequences Within Genome: Biological and Translational Significance;” Jagannath Pal, Jie Ding, Subodh Kumar, Zachary Hunter, Teresa Calimeri, Jianhong Lin, Maria Gkotzamanidou, Giovanni Parmigiani, Steven Treon, Masood Shammas, and Nikhil Munshi
        • “Detection Of MYD88 L265P In Peripheral Blood Of Patients With Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia and IgM Monoclonal Gammopathy Of Undetermined Significance;” Lian Xu, Zachary Hunter, Guang Yang, Yangsheng Zhou, Xia Liu, Yang Cao, Robert Manning, Christopher Patterson, Christina K Tripsas, Sandra Kanan, Jiaji G Chen, Neil I Lindeman, and Steven Peter Treon
      • Barbara Nikolajczyk, PhD became an Editor of a new multi-disciplinary journal entitled “Discoveries”

      Publications: ACCEPTED:

      • Zachary R. Hunter , Lian Xu, Guang Yang, Yangsheng Zhou, Xia Liu, Yang Cao, Robert J Manning, Christina K Tripsas, Christopher J Patterson, Patricia Sheehy, and Steven P Treon; MYD88, WHIM-like CXCR4, and Somatic Deletions Associated with B-cell Lymphomagenesis Characterize the Genomic Landscape of Waldenstöm’s Macroglobulinemia. BLOOD
      • Zhu, M and Nikolajczyk, BS.  2014.  Immune cells define the inter-relationship between obesity and periodontitis Journal of Dental Research (In Press)
      • Raval, F, and Nikolajczyk, BS. 2014. The Bidirectional Relationship between Metabolism and Immune Responses. Discoveries (In press)
      • Zhu, M and Nikolajczyk, BS.  2014. Immune cells link obesity-associated type 2 diabetes and periodontitis. Journal of Dental Research (In press).

      Publications: PUBLISHED:

      • Anna Eisenstein, Lev Vaisman, MASc, Hillary Johnston-Cox, Alexander Gallan, MD, Kitt Shaffer, MD, PhD, Deborah Vaughan, PhD, Carl O’Hara, MD, and Lija Joseph, MDIntegration of Basic Science and Clinical Medicine: The Innovative Approach of the Cadaver Biopsy Project at the Boston University School of MedicineThe cadaver biopsy project at Boston University School of Medicine links students’ first basic science experiences in gross anatomy with other basic science courses and later clinical course. The paper on cadaver project is in ePub version (innovation report), and will be in print in the January issue of Academic Medicine
      • Craciun FL, Iskander KN, Chiswick EL, Stepien DM, Henderson JM, Remick DG: “Early Murine Polymicrobial Sepsis Predominantly Causes Renal Injury,” Shock 2013, PMID: 24300829
      • Bauza G, Moitra R, Remick D: “Adenosine Receptor Antagonists Effect on Plasma Enhanced Killing,” Shock 2013, PMID: 24089004
      • King EG, Bauza GJ, Mella JR, Remick DG: “Pathophysiologic mechanisms in septic shock,” Lab Invest 2013, PMID: 24061288
      • Iskander KN, Osuchowski MF, Stearns-Kurosawa DJ, Kurosawa S, Stepien D, Valentine C, Remick DG: “Sepsis: multiple abnormalities, heterogeneous responses, and evolving understanding,” Physiol Rev 2013, 93:1247-1288, PMID: 23899564
      • Ahyi AN, Quinton LJ, Jones MR, Ferrari JD, Pepper-Cunningham ZA, Mella JR, Remick DG, Mizgerd JP: “Roles of STAT3 in protein secretion pathways during the acute-phase response,” Infect Immun 2013, 81:1644-1653, PMID: 23460517

      November 2013

      Published: December 4th, 2013

      Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items –



      • Bravo! Bravo! Once again our very own, Dr. Antonio de las Morenas, has made Boston Magazine’s “Top Doctors”List for 2013. Congratulations Dr. de las Morenas!!!
      • Recent PhD graduate, Patricia Kao, now a postdoc at UC Davis, Sacramento, CA,  presented a poster with the current data from the Delalle Lab at the Society of Neuroscience Meeting in San Diego, California on November 11th, 2013; Zhan Y*, Kozubek J*, Kao P*, Rezvani A#, Delalle I*:  Differential expression of exosomal miR-29c and miR-149 in brain tissue of bipolar disorder patients and rat model of depression
      • Jason Sutin, PhD Candidate and his PI Dr. Franceshini from MGH presented a poster at the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego, California on Sunday, Nov 10, 2013. Diffuse optical spectroscopy measurements of cerebral hemodynamic and oxygen metabolism during spontaneous neuronal activity in anesthetized rats. J. Sutin, C. Chang, D. Boas, E. Brown, and M. A. Franceschini 
      • CP Resident, Dr, Dana Semmel represented BMC’s Department of Pathology at the recent 7th Annual Careers in Medicine Fair held in September
      • Dr. Barbara Nikolajczyk has been invited to present at two upcoming events:
        • Vanderbilt Diabetes Center, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, “B cells regulate the dominant Th17 axis in human type 2 diabetes, 2013”
        • University of Massachusetts, Department of Biology, Lowell, MA. “Type 2 diabetes as an inflammatory disease, 2013”
      • Graduate, Edward Hartsough, PhD Methylation Paper is featured in the Science Daily News; (UPDATED LINK)

      Publications: ACCEPTED:

      • Anna Belkina, Wanda Blanton, Barbara S. Nikolajczyk and Gerald V. Denis. “The double bromodomain protein Brd2 promotes B cell expansion and mitogenesis.” Accepted to Journal of Leukocyte Biology
      • Edward J Hartsough, Rosana D Meyer, Vipul Chitalia, Yan Jiang, Victor E. Marquez, Irina V. Zhdanova, Janice Weinberg, Catherine E Costello and Nader Rahimi. “Lysine Methylation Promotes VEGFR-2 Activation and Angiogenesis” Science Signaling, Dec. 2013. This paper describes a major breakthrough in the filed of signal transduction. Prior to publication of this work, it was thought that protein phosphorylation is the only mechanism controls activation of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs). The work by Edward Hartsough et al., for the first time demonstrates that protein methylation primes RTKs for phosphorylation and subsequent activation which leads to biological responses such as tumor angiogenesis

      Publications: PUBLISHED: 

      • Agbemenyah HY, Agis-Balboa RC, Burkhardt S, Delalle I, Fischer A: “Insulin growth factor binding protein 7 is a novel target to treat dementia” Neurobiol Dis 2013 Sep 25;62C:135-143. doi 10.1016/j.nbd.2013.09.011. PMID: 24075854.
      • Boyd JD, Lee-Armandt JP, Feiler MS, Zauur N, Liu M, Kraemer B, Concannon JB, Ebata A, Wolozin B, Glicksman MA; A High-Content Screen Identifies Novel Compounds That Inhibit Stress-Induced TDP-43 Cellular Aggregation and Associated Cytotoxicity” J Biomol Screen. 2013 Sep 9
      • Amy Leung, Shirley K. Nah, Whitney Reid, Atsushi EbataClarissa M. Koch, Stefano Monti, Joseph C. Genereux, R. Luke Wiseman, Benjamin Wolozin, Lawreen H. Connors, John L. Berk, David C. Seldin, Gustavo Mostoslavsky, Darrell N. Kotton, George J. Murphy “Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Modeling of Multisystemic, Hereditary Transthyretin Amyloidosis” Stem Cell Reports, 31 October 2013

      October 2013

      Published: October 28th, 2013

      Immuno Nov 2013

      Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items –


      • Faculty Appointments and/or Promotions:
        • Dr. Yuriy Alekseyev was promoted to Research Associate Professor
        • Dr. Shinichi Takayama has been appointed as Research Associate Professor
      • Immunology has selected an image from an article authored by Dr. Zhaohua Lu and colleagues, published in this month’s Immunology for the journal cover (see photo and link to article)
      • The Martin Steffen Lab presented a talk on their work on biomarkers for Prostate Cancer at the 2013 meeting for the New England Section of the American Urological Association in Hartford, Connecticut on September 26 – 28 Towards Reducing the Number of Prostate Biopsies – Biomarkers to Identify Patients with Benign Causes of Elevated PSA LevelsAgnes Bergerat, PhD1, Yi-Chien Chang, MS2, Mark Katz, MD1, David Wang, MD1, Simon Kasif, PhD2, Richard Babayan, MD1Martin Steffen, MD, PhD1
      • Dr. Daniel Remick will be giving a lecture on October 28th at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital entitled, “Mechanisms of Alcohol Triggered Asthma”
      • Dr. Carmen Sarita-Reyes is now Board Certified in Pediatric Pathology

      Publications: PUBLISHED:

      • Steven P. Treon, M.D., Ph.D., Lian Xu, M.S., Guang Yang, Ph.D., Yangsheng Zhou, M.D., Ph.D., Xia Liu, M.D., Yang Cao, M.D., Patricia Sheehy, N.P., Robert J. Manning, B.S., Christopher J. Patterson, M.A., Christina Tripsas, M.A., Luca Arcaini, M.D., Geraldine S. Pinkus, M.D.,Scott J. Rodig, M.D., Ph.D., Aliyah R. Sohani, M.D., Nancy Lee Harris, M.D., Jason M. Laramie, Ph.D., Donald A. Skifter, Ph.D., Stephen E. Lincoln, Ph.D., and Zachary Hunter, M. A. “MYD88 L265P Somatic Mutation in Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia” New England Journal of Medicine; 367;9 nejm.826 org august 30, 2012
      • Lian Xu,1,2  Zachary R. Hunter,1,2 Guang Yang,1,2 Yangsheng Zhou,1,2 Yang Cao,1,2 Xia Liu,1,2 Enrica Morra,3 Alessandra Trojani,3 Antonino Greco,3 Luca Arcaini,4 Marzia Varettoni,4 Jennifer R. Brown,5 Yu-Tzu Tai,2,6 Kenneth C. Anderson,2,6 Nikhil C. Munshi,2,6 Christopher J. Patterson,1 Robert J. Manning,1 Christina K. Tripsas,1 Neal I. Lindeman,2,7 and Steven P. Treon1,2 “MYD88 L265P in Waldenstr¨om macroglobulinemia, immunoglobulin M monoclonal gammopathy, and other B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders using conventional and quantitative allele-specific polymerase chain reaction” BLOOD, 14 MARCH 2013 x VOLUME 121, NUMBER 11
      • Steven P. Treon1,2 and Zachary R. Hunter1,2 “A new era for Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia: MYD88 L265P,” BLOOD, 30 MAY 2013 x VOLUME 121, NUMBER 22
      • Lu Z, Rynkiewicz MJ, Yang CY, Madico G, Perkins HM, Wang Q, Costello CE, Zaia J, Seaton BA, Sharon J. “The binding sites of monoclonal antibodies to the non-reducing end of Francisella tularensis O-antigen accommodate mainly the terminal saccharide.” Immunology. 2013 Nov;140(3):374-389. PMID: 23844703