Talbot Green

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Talbot Green with Students

Talbot Green

Talbot Green is the courtyard at the center of the Medical Campus. Students may relax or study here during the warmer months and the school frequently holds barbecues and other outdoor events on the Green.

Student Comments:

"Talbot Green is a great place to hang out in
the warm season. BBQ’s and Ice-cream
events abound in the summer."

— Second Year Student

Four Students at a Talbot Green Bar-B-Q



Students Playing a Softball Game on the Talbot Green

"I love eating lunch with my friends on the benches outside. It’s so relaxing."
— First Year Student


A bust of Hippocrates, and a sapling from the Hippocrates tree in Kos, Greece, were donated
to the school by the mayor and people of Kos in November 1999. Boston University is the
first school in North America to receive this honor.


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