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Medical Student Residence

The New Medical Student Residence at 815 Albany St

On-campus housing is available to the entering class (prior to April 30th) at the new Medical Student Residence at
815 Albany Street. 104 two bedroom apartments, with shared kitchen and bathroom, are intended for
2-person occupancy. Individual students may rent a single bedroom in a shared unit.

Medical Student Residence

This state-of-the-art residence is located at the western edge of the medical campus, a short walk from the
core educational facilities of the School of Medicine. Amenities include a student lounge, exercise room,
laundry facilities, air conditioning, high speed internet and basic cable service.

For further information, please click the link
tothe new Medical Student Residence at
815 Albany Street website at the Office
of Rental Property Management
call (617) 353-4101
for further information.



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