Menino Pavilion, Boston Medical Center

Menino Pavilion at Boston Medical Center

The Menino Pavilion at BMC

Shown is the Menino Pavilion of BMC. This building, the newest in-patient facility in Boston,
is named after Mayor Thomas Menino in recognition of his support for BMC as the foundation
of the city’s health care system.

Student Comments:

"You are given a lot of responsibility and really get to participate in patient care – not just observe it from the sidelines."
– Fourth Year Student


"The residents and house staff really make the clerkship experience great. I have been able to learn in a very hands-on way, and I think this is how medicine should be taught everywhere."
– Fourth Year Student

"If you want to have tons of great
clerkship opportunities, come here!"
– Third Year Student


"Third and fourth year really puts everything
you’ve learned in the preclerkship years to the test.
In going to other hospitals for some of my rotations,
the physicians there are always really impressed at
the depth of information covered in BU’s first and
second years compared to elsewhere."
– Fourth Year Student

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