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A Student's Virtual Tour
Moving to the right from the lobby affords a good view of the McNary Learning Center.
Most of the small-group and discussion classes meet here. In first year,
that includes Psychiatry and the ‘Integrated Problems’ course.

The smaller rooms here are great places for late (or early) studying, and are open 24 hours a day.
Student Comments:

“You’ve got to stake out your territory early— these rooms are the first places most students go to study.”

— Second Year Student

There are also larger classrooms and conference rooms.
Any time you want, bring in your laptop and plug into an
active ethernet port or connect to our wireless network
in every room to surf the Web in high-speed style.
(Click on the bottom four pictures to view larger images
in a separate window.)

“I think these are some of the nicest rooms anyone could have to work in. It’s quiet, the chairs are comfy, and it’s really convenient if you live in Harrison Court.”
—First Year Student…

“I love the small group format. It really encourages discussions and teamwork. It’s also great to get to know everyone better.”
—First Year Student

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