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Alumni Medical Library


The Alumni Medical Library occupies the 11th, 12th, and 13th floors of the Instructional Building.
Here you have access to thousands of standard print and full-text electronic journal subscriptions.

Student Comments:

"There’s lots of places to choose from when you want to study. I prefer the cubicles when I’m going over the course syllabus or text, but stay at the group tables if I’m doing IP research."

— First Year Student


"The staff is always happy to help you in running the online journal browser or medline+ search engines."

— First Year Student


"There is a great selection of journals here, but if there is something you can’t find, (and you don’t feel like hiking across town) there is a ‘lending’ system between several Boston schools."

— Third Year Student

Alumni Medical Library

The library is also a great place to study, with lots of single-person cubicles, and larger tables
for (quiet) group sessions. If that’s not enough, being a BU medical student allows you
access to almost every university library in Boston and Cambridge.

Alumni Medical Library

There is even an area for getting coffee, tea, and other beverages within the library.

To find out more about the Alumni Medical Library, please feel free to check out the library’s website.*


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