SCOMSA Student Group Leadership Common Application

Welcome to the 2023 SCOMSA Common Application for Leadership!

Group name Group mission statement and emails (info found at link) Info about leadership positions Application Link/Info Deadline
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)/ OB/GYN Interest Group
Action and Mentorship Project (AMP) 3 co-leaders Application Here
Addiction Education Collaboration Co-Leader: 3 positions available Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
BUSM Admissions Leadership Application Here
American Geriatrics Society (AGS)/Geri Friends Student Leaders (1-4) Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
American Medical Association/Massachusetts Medical Society (AMA/MMS) – Chair: Responsible for overseeing the various operations of the chapter (planning chapter events, publishing the monthly newsletter, organizing service opportunities, etc.) and communicating relevant information upward to the AMA and MMS. Collaborate with Region leadership to execute a Region 7 meeting in Boston, MA.

– Secretary / Recruitment Chair: Organize & execute the recruitment endeavors throughout the year (including the student activities fair and Region 7 meeting) in collaboration with associated AMA/MMS staff members.

– Treasurer: Facilitate the submission of funding requests to the MMS and BUSM for campus events and travel. Balance the books. A separate meeting from the transition meeting with the immediate past treasurer is required if chosen as the next treasurer.

– Community Service Chair: Organize and execute community service projects based on your interests and concerns.

– Legislative Advocacy Chair/Resolution Liaison: Coordinate events and projects for students to interface with important healthcare policies and issues. Guide interested parties in the creation of policy and legislative advocacy through the various channels in the AMA/MMS.

Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
American Medical Student Association (AMSA): Med Students for Gun Safety Coalition Application Here
American Medical Women’s Association Application Here January 26th 11:59 PM
Anesthesiology Interest Group Co-Leader positions available. Responsibilities include planning 1-2 events per semester, coordinating with the faculty advisor Dr. Louca, and helping students shadow and find research in the anesthesia department. 2 or 3 leaders needed.

Please contact or with any questions.

Application Here
Art SPACE 2-3 Leaders: organize and host student wellness/art events, make art kits to take to the SICU for patients to use, coordinate with SICU nurse when art kits need to be replenished Application Here
Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) 3-4 co-leaders (advocacy chair, internal affairs, external affairs) Application Here
Association of Women Surgeons 2-3 co-leaders Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
BUSM Bioethics Society 2-3 Student Leaders to Coordinate Events Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Boston University for Down Syndrome (BUDS) Application Here
Boston University Medical Campus Pride 4 co-leaders Application Here
BU Mentoring for Aspiring Physician Students (MAPS) 4 leaders. Responsibilities include: recruiting pre-med students from surrounding colleges and universities, pairing medical students with their mentees, organize social events, request budgets, and communicate with students as well as our advisor regularly.
Application Here
BUSM Historical Society We need 3 or 4 student leaders to organize speaking events, field trips, or whatever else they feel would help to foster an appreciation for the history of medicine among physicians in training.

This group has not been very active since the beginning of the pandemic, but was once a vibrant group that engaged in speaking events, field trips to museums and other historical landmarks, and published a yearly journal. Named Aceso after the Greek goddess of the healing process, we collect submissions from students and staff related to people, events, and experiences in the history of medicine. This group presents a wonderful opportunity for a leadership position with a low time commitment, and the ability to shape and reform this organization in a way in which you feel it would best serve its purpose. This application is open to all current BUSM students, and previous membership in the group is not required.

Application Here January 26th 11:59 PM
BUMC Pride Student Leaders (1-4) Application Here
BUSM Service Pride 4 leaders will work together to organize in-person visits to Waltham House or find ways to interact and support the residents of Waltham House. They will also run didactic sessions to learn about LGBTQ youth care. Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Bridging Gaps in Care  

Bridging Gaps in Care is a service-learning organization at Boston University School of Medicine. Typically site visits to Marcus Garvey Gardens (an affordable housing community for older adults) would involve talking to the residents, learning and performing basic clinical skills and tasks, working with the supervising medical professionals, developing educational workshops, and creating patient flyers.

– Our mission: Bring preventive medical care to the people and places in Boston that need it most.

– Our model: Medical students bringing regular, physician-supervised health education, and preventive screening to subsidized housing in Boston.

– Our vision: Establish a long-lasting relationship with the surrounding community and create opportunities for medical students to provide preventive care to low-income elders under physician supervision.

For more information, please check out our video!

Please send any questions to and CC

Student Coordinator (1 student): manage communication between members, monitor BGC email, publicize events on Facebook, student digest, and student activities calendar

Site Visit Coordinator (1 student): Coordinate site visits at Marcus Garvey, communicate via email with Marcus Garvey; serve as a liaison between Marcus Garvey and BGC.

Workshop Coordinator (1 student): Set up the room for workshops and also help prepare the slides for the topic of the month. Traditionally, each site visit is preceded by a workshop with a theme for the month (e.g. diet, exercise) so the students are prepared to have basic conversations with the residents under physician supervision.

Financial Coordinator (1 student): Responsible for submitting semester budget requests, reimbursing expenses, and getting approval for new events that require possible funding.

Application Here
Carceral Health Coalition Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Cardiology Interest Group 3 leadership positions are available. In non-Covid years, some of the typical events organized by the CIG include an M4 match panel, cath lab tours, EKG/Echo workshops, lunch talks, and new leader-initiated events. Application Here January 26th 11:59 PM
Christian Medical & Dental Association Application Here
Climate Action Group 2-4 Individuals for general leadership positions: We have no officers and no hierarchy Application Here
Clinical Neuroscience Society (CNS) We are looking for 2 student leaders to lead CNS next year – responsibilities will include planning and hosting events relating to neurology as a whole, as well as creating Grey Matters, the Neurology monthly newsletter, implementing and maintaining the Neurology mentorship program, and helping students connect with research opportunities in Neurology. Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Comfortable In Our Skin (CIOS) CIOS is a new group that seeks to assist the development of self-esteem in individuals attending school. In the past, this group has presented to middle schools on topics like acne and fitting in.


Application Here
Boston University Coalition for Adult Immunization (BUCAI) We are accepting 4 students to become BUCAI leaders for the 2022-2023 academic year. Leaders will be responsible for coordinating with Student Health Services and club advisors to organize flu vaccine training and flu clinic dates. Other duties include monitoring club email, training flu clinic volunteers, student outreach, and organization of lunch talks. Application Here
Creative Arts Society Student Leaders – 6 Application Here
Dermatology Interest Group Co-leader (2 spots): Carry out the mission of the DIG by bolstering awareness of the field of dermatology, providing students with further information/experience regarding programs and careers in dermatology, encouraging community service in dermatology when possible, and promoting primary prevention and education about dermatology in the surrounding community. Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Doctor’s Notes Acapella Group Leaders: We are currently looking for two leaders to take over for next year’s group. Leaders are responsible for booking rooms for and leading weekly rehearsals and preparing the set list (with group member input) for any performances. You may do any events that you wish but historically the group has Christmas Caroled in the hospital in the Winter and performed at Culture Show in the Spring. Application Here
Emergency Medicine Interest Group Co-Leaders (4): EMIG co-leaders will work with the faculty advisor (Dr. Vonzella Bryant) on hosting various lunch talks and hands-on events throughout the year. Additionally, co-leaders will work with the Outdoors Club and BMC EM residents to organize and lead the Wilderness Medicine elective in the fall semester. Application Here January 26th 11:59 PM
Family Medicine Interest Group 3 student leaders to organize and host Family Medicine events and mentorship programs at BUSM Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Fit4You Application Here
Genetics Interest Group Application Here January 26th 11:59 PM
Global Health Equity Program
5 Co-leaders: general description of tasks will be elaborated upon in the transition meeting Application Here January 27th 5:00 PM
Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA) Co-Leaders (2-3) – Plan events and talks to inform first-year medical students about the field of global surgery. Help students foster connections with different mentors in global surgery. Application Here
Grieving, Reflecting and Cultivating Empathy (GRACE) Application Here January 22th 11:59 PM
BUSM Homeless Health Immersion Experience (HHIE) Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
If You Are Reading This Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM Leaders (3 – 4 positions) will be responsible for: (1) running the enrichment series, (2) promoting medical innovation and technology at BUSM, (3) collaborating with other cross-campus orgs and growing the medtech hub at BU. Application Here
Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) Co-leader; Coordinate activities for IMIG throughout the school year including the match panel, career fair, research-interest panel and basic clinical skills sessions. 2-3 co-lead positions. Application Here
Interventional Radiology Interest Group 2-4 Leadership positions; managing events with professionals, interactive events, outreach Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Integrative Medicine Interest Group 3 co-leaders will be responsible for planning and running lunch talks/events and growing the group however they see fit. Application Here
Latino Medical Student Association LMSA needs 2 general leaders and 1 Northeast Region liaison.

The two general leaders will be responsible for planning BUSM events such as Lunch Talks, social events, and community service events. They will also be responsible for promoting these events to the larger BUSM class.

The Northeast Liaison will be responsible for keeping LMSA in compliance with national’s regulations to remain an active chapter. They will attend the Northeast Region conferences, relay updates from the Northeast chapter to the group, and promote events with other Northeast chapters

Application Here
Maimonides Society 2-3 Leaders Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Medical Mandarin Application Here January 22th 11:59 PM
Medical Students for Choice Application Here January 8th 11:59 PM
Medical Student for Harm Reduction Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Narrative Medicine Narrative Medicine leaders, Design and lead a 10-week Narrative Medicine course to engage medical students in thinking and writing about our roles as physicians in society.

1-2 people needed.

Application Here
Ophthalmology Interest Group 2 Co-leaders Application Here
Otolaryngology Interest Group Co-Leader: Organize events related to the field and act as a liaison between the BMC department of otolaryngology and BUSM students. Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
BUSM Outdoor/Outreach Club We are looking for 2 to 4 co-leaders for the Outdoor Club to plan and execute activities and events for student body and the medical campus. Duties of club leaders would include planning an orientation outdoor activity day for the incoming class (in-person, we will help you sort through the logistics), managing the Outdoor Outreach Club Facebook page, co-leading the Wilderness Medicine Enrichment series with the Emergency Medicine Interest Group, managing the medical campus running club, managing the gear closet and aiding students in their efforts to take weekend trips, and planning 1-2 speakers over the course of the year who will represent the diverse group of individuals who are a part of the outdoor adventure community. Leaders can expand the plans and events of the club or can focus on a few key efforts they feel passionate about! Our hope is that our leaders will understand the complex barriers that folks can face when trying to get outside and will do their best to address this in all their club efforts. Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Outreach Van Project Application Here
Parkinson’s Partners There are 3-4 co-leader positions available for leadership. Leaders help recruit students and partners, plan three 2-hour sessions for each semester, and do research/advertising throughout the year. This club will continue to be over Zoom because that’s what the Partners prefer. This really is a fun and wholesome club to lead and we really hope you consider applying! Application Here
Patch Adams Our mission is to provide healing to inpatient pediatrics patients via laughter. This concept was conceived by Patch Adams, who called it “medical clowning.” Through the PA club, students will increase their ability to form meaningful relationships with pediatrics patients. Application Here
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine  Interest Group Student Leaders (up to 3 positions) — Organize lunch talks and other events together with help of Pathology faculty and residents. Application Here
Pediatric Education and Development Society Interest Group Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Peer Advising Committee (PAC) Three co-chairs; please see application for main responsibilities. Application Here
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Society (PRESS) 3 Student Co-leaders! Application Here
Psychiatry Interest Group (PsychSIG) Student Leaders – 2-3 positions available Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Radiology Interest Group 1 position Application Here
Sexual Health and Medicine Enrichment Opportunity Application Here
BU Sleep Medicine Interest Group 2 Student Leaders Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
SNAAC (Student Nutrition Awareness and Action Council) SNAAC has 3 branches: MSR Garden, Eat to Treat, and Dietetic Intern – Med Student (DI-MS) Match. Each position may have 1-2 leaders. Leaders of SNAAC may lead multiple branches. We will accept 3-5 leaders in total.

MSR Garden: maintain the garden in the backyard of the Medical Student Residence. Coordinate with deans and facilities to obtain necessary materials (seeds, soil, etc).

Eat to Treat: lead nutrition-focused enrichment sessions with 2 registered dieticians to teach med students about nutrition, how to counsel patients on diet, and how diet and nutrition affect one’s health. Coordinate with dieticians and BMC Food Pantry to obtain meal kits for students.

DI-MS Match: lead nutrition-focused enrichment sessions with registered dieticians in which dietetic interns are matched with medical students to allow students to learn about the collaborative role dieticians and physicians play in the care of patients.

Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Socially Responsible Surgery – Advocacy SRS is an organization which aims to reduce health disparities by increasing equitable access to surgical care and integrating social determinants of health education into our medical training. The advocacy group focuses on initiatives centered around awareness, policy, and education in order to create sustainable change in our community. Application Here
South Asian Medical Student Association (SAMSA) Co-Leaders (3) ‒ Plan, inform, and execute different events relating to the South Asian patient and medical student populations. Some events that we hosted this year were the Diwali Event, Culture Show, and the Racism and Bias Workshop!
Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Space Medicine Society There are 4 co-leadership positions available. Main responsibilities include hosting educational events for students (guest speakers, workshops, etc) and connecting students interested in aerospace medicine to each other and to relevant resources. Application Here
Sports Medicine Interest Group 2 leaders: in charge of running events, coordinating with advisor, connecting students to resources Application Here
StreetCred 3 student leaders – responsible for recruiting BUSM student volunteers for Street Cred, communicating with faculty advisor Dr. Marcil to set up lunch talks and with other Street Cred administrators to help students complete the tax certification process; no tax experience is necessary Application Here
Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) Application Here
Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) We are looking for 3 student leaders to help lead SIGN next year – responsibilities will include planning and hosting events pertaining to pursuing neurology as a specialty. Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Students Interested in Neurosurgery (SINS) Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Student Oncology Society Application Here
Surgical Society 3-4 Co-Leaders: Each co-leader will work together to run the surgical society curriculum for both M1s and M2s. They will coordinate with Drs. Dechert and Brahmbhatt to plan each session. Application Here
The Beat Editors (2) Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM
Urology Interest Group Two co-leaders are needed. Both co-leaders will collaborate to organize events that will give medical students the opportunity to be exposed and to network within the field of Urology.  Application Here January 26th 11:59 PM
Vascular Surgery Interest Group
We are looking for 2 co-leaders to help manage and coordinate club events, shadowing, and research in the realm of Vascular Surgery.

The Vascular Surgery Interest Group’s mission is to increase student interest in and engagement with Vascular Surgery. As a relatively small specialty (only 4 attendings at BMC), Vascular Surgery does not have the kind of PR that other surgical subspecialties might have. However, as integrated vascular residencies become more popular, the number of vascular surgeons will grow.

Please reach out to or with any questions

Application Here January 27th 11:59 PM