All trainees in the BU pulmonary and critical care fellowship program are actively involved in a research project following the completion of their first year of clinical training.  In January of each year, first -year fellows participate in the “Introduction to Research” program, where they have the chance to learn about the varying research groups in our section, meet the investigators, and learn about potential projects.  First year fellows choose which research group they would like to join, and typically this is based upon their particular research interests and the research mentor.  Each fellow has their own research mentor with whom they will spend 2-3 years working with developing research skills.  Our faculty mentors have been very successful in training fellows to become independent physician-scientists in the field  of pulmonary and critical care medicine research.

All trainees meet at least annually with the Pulmonary Center’s Executive Committee.  The purpose of the Executive Committee is to provide individualized attention and career guidance for each trainee.  The committee provides senior level career advice to trainees in a manner focused on their specific needs.  This meeting also serves to track and evaluate the progress of each trainee as they advance through their research training years and ensures trainees are meeting the expected milestones of a research fellow.  Each trainee provides their up-to-date CV, the specific aims of their research, and their individual development plans (IDP) which have been completed with their research mentor.

During the Executive Committee meeting there is an in-depth discussion of the research, relationships with mentor and colleagues, work-life balance and wellness, and status of manuscripts.  In addition, the committee provides guidance in setting the timing for grant submissions.  The committee provides real-time feedback on career opportunities, networking and professional development.