MSSRP: Submission of Progress Report

Please submit a progress report summarizing your research in the MSSRP.

Directions for Completing the Progress Report:

  • The report must be a Word document (Arial 11 pt, single-spaced, 0.5 inch margins) that is at least one page but no more than two pages. Please note that reports that do not meet these guidelines will be returned for revision.
  • At the top of page one list the following: your name, mentor’s name, department where your research took place, project title
  • Do not include any data or figures.
  • Citations should be included on the second (or third) page.
  • Title your document: “last name, first name”
  • In your report, provide a summary of your research experience:
    • What were the aims of your project? This may include the background of the project and rationale for the research.
    • What did you accomplish in connection to your stated goals?
    • What else did you accomplish?
    • Did you encounter any challenges?
    • What are your plans (if any) to continue in this project including completing the work for dissemination (publication, conference, other)?
  • Submit the document below.

MSSRP: Progress Report (Summer 2024)

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