MSSRP: Program Requirements & Eligibility Criteria

Students awarded a scholarship through the Medical Student Summer Research Program (MSSRP) must meet the following requirements to participate in the program.

To participate in the MSSRP, you must:

  • Be in good academic standing and eligible for promotion to the second year.
  • Participate in 7 weeks of full-time research during the period of May 11 – July 7, 2024. In some instances, depending on the funding source of the stipend, students may be required to undertake 10 weeks of research (students will be informed of this in their award letter).
  • Attend MSSRP orientation April 10, 2024 where program expectations will be discussed.
  • Attend the MSSRP summer sessions (see “Summer 2024 Schedule”).
  • Submit the following final documents by August 1.
    • Summary report
    • Thank you note addressed to your donor (if applicable)
    • Evaluation of the program
  • Present a poster of your research at the annual medical student research symposium on January 16, 2025.

    Payment of Scholarships

    Each stipend is paid to the student as a non-service stipend on the last day of May. Non-service stipends are not considered wages (they are not taxed); they are intended to help recipients defray living or other expenses. Stipend recipients will not receive a 1099 tax form at end of the year, and they are responsible for independently reporting the income to IRS if they are required to do so based on their tax profile. The stipends are also not considered estimated financial aid because students do not receive federal financial aid during the period when the research program is held (a period of non-enrollment).