Ryan Quinton (G4) recently received two awards: the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Doctoral Foreign Study Award and the Jean McPhail Award

Stephanie Pavlovich’s M4 new Cell Paper detailing her dissertation work can be found here!

Anjali Jacob (Class of 2019) was recently inducted into Alpha Omega Alpha. She was also awarded an NIH F31, the Jo Rae Wright Young Investigator of the Year, the best trainee oral presentation at the FASEB annual meeting, and published her dissertation work in Cell Stem Cell (Paper).

Nisma Mujahid (Class of 2019) was featured in a PBS Nova Article discussing sun protection, something that she investigated in her graduate studies. This article can be found here. She was also the recipient of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Doctoral Foreign Study Award and was induced into the Arnold P. Gold Humanism Honor Society

Shen Ning (G3) has been featured in a Journal of NeuroPhysiology Podcast discussing her work investigating how sleep-wake cycles affect tau accumulation. This podcast can be found here.

Omar Mohtar’s (M3) recent JCB publication has been highlighted as an editor’s choice in Science Signaling. Check it out here

Aditya Mithal (G3) was awarded a travel award and abstract trainee merit award for his poster at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research.

Kristy Abo (G3) won the award for best basic science poster at the annual Department of Medicine Evans Research Days.