Career Development Events 2022

The MD/PhD Career Development Events are events run by the MD/PhD Student Government. These events are aimed at bringing the MD/PhD and rest of the BU community together for informal events aimed at career development, networking, and peer mentoring. Events all begin at 5 PM.

The specific rooms and dates will be updated on a Google calendar. Please obtain access to the calendar here.

The Spring 2023 Semester schedule is shown below:

1/31 Research Lightning Talks (by G students)
3/21 Career Advice/Residency Apps
April Graduation party @ Estragon

The Fall 2022 Semester schedule is shown below:

Rotation Talks: Part 1
9/13 Rotation Talks: Part 2
10/04 Student Panel: Step 1 (for M1s/M2s)
11/15 Thanksgiving potluck
12/06 How to choose a lab (for M1s/M2s)