Student Resources


Refer to our MDPhD program overview to understand the expectations of a MDPhD student.

The Student Affairs office provides many resources to help you succeed both academically and socially during your first two years of medical school.

  • The Office of Academic Enhancement provide many resources including tutoring sessions and consults on learning techniques to provide you the academic tools to succeed.

Learn more about preparing for Step 1 from your upperclassmen in one of the career development events in November. You can learn more about the various events held by the MDPhD student government here and here.

Graduate school

Transition from M2 to G1

After completing your summer rotation after M2 year, fill out the MDPhD transition form and upload it to the following link.

Read Fair Expectations for Graduate Students to understand both your and your mentor’s responsibilities in training you to become a scientist.

Go over the PhD requirements to understand the coursework and other responsibilities needed to complete for the graduate degree: Completion of PhD Requirements

  • For BME PhD students refer to the BME Handbook for PhD Candidates found here.

GMS Resources

Boston University’s Graduate Medical Sciences program provides many resources helpful for students useful before and during graduate school portion of training.

Here are the GMS documentations that you may need for research rotations, stipend payments, and more.

GMS and Boston University provide many opportunities for scholarship and funding for various activities including conferences. Check the following webpage for more information: Funding and scholarship opportunities

Please contact GMS MDPhD coordinator James Mazarakis or Director of Student Affairs Kimberly Arena.

Other programs


Transitioning from graduate school to M3 can be quite stressful. Learn how others have transitioned back to medical school in one of our career development events in March.