Student Government

Student governance of the MD/PhD programs is determined by a student constitution that has been approved by the Executive Committee. The MD/PhD students play a very active role in management of the MD/PhD programs. Students elect members for each committee yearly. There are three committees that manage student run affairs, the Student affairs committee, Seminar Committee and Retreat Committee. Students are also elected to serve as representatives for MD/PhD administrative committees. Committees that include elected representatives include the Executive Committee, the Admissions Committee and Student Committee on Medical School Affairs (SCOMSA).

Student Committee Co-Chairs – Neelou Etesami (G2) and Anthony Yeung (G2)

The Student Committee Co-chairs run the Student Committee meetings, facilitate the planning of the Monday Night Events, oversee elections and are generally responsible for forming and mediating a working relationship between administrators, advisors, and students.

Admissions Committee Representatives – Kristine Abo (G3) & Aditya Mithal (G3)

The MD/PhD Admissions Committee Representatives are responsible for attending Admissions Committee meetings and keeping the MD/PhD student body generally informed about admissions progress while maintaining applicant confidentiality.

Executive Committee Representatives Keith Gagnon (G3) & Martin Ma (G1)

The MD/PhD Executive Committee Representatives are responsible for attending the MD/PhD Executive Committee Meetings both to recommend improvements to the program and to keep the MD/PhD student body generally informed about the issues raised during these meetings.  They also work with the other elected and volunteer representatives to propose budgets for conferences and events to the MD/PhD Program Director for approval, while announcing relevant MD/PhD student conferences to the student body.

MD/PhD PhD Steering Committee Representative – Margaret Minnig (G3)

The PhD Steering Committee representative from the MD/PhD program attends the monthly PhD Steering Committee Meetings, providing regular reports regarding the status of the MD/PhD program at Boston University School of Medicine.