Elizabeth Moses

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

BS – Colorado State University, 2012

Spira/Lenburg Lab

My lab is interested in lung biology and disease. We use computational biology and high-throughput sequencing to understand patterns of airway gene expression. My work is focused on understanding airway gene expression as it relates to environmental exposures. These exposures include small molecule therapeutics, cigarette smoke constituents, and environmental carcinogens. My current projects are looking at using high throughput genomics to understand lung diseases such as COPD and lung cancer. My goal is to better understand how cells of varying phenotype respond to environmental exposure. These phenotypes include cell type (lung cells specifically) and, with regard to clinical samples, patient race and patient disease (particularly COPD and lung cancer). By understanding differences in gene expression with regard to these phenotypes, we hope to be able to better understand disparities in patient response to lung disease therapeutics.