The curriculum for students in the ITP offers flexibility in training and is designed with the interests of the student and his/her prior background and training in mind. Formal coursework emphasizes breadth and depth in various areas of immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry.

Formal coursework is normally completed within the first 2 years of study, with the majority of courses taken during the first year. Students complete 28 credit hours of graded coursework, taken from an approved list of required and elective courses that span several disciplines including basic and advanced immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and human genetics.

Immunology Courses offered:

GMS MI 713: Comprehensive Immunology

Prereq: consent of instructor. Comprehensive introduction to immunologic principles and applications. This course consists of both interactive lectures and discussion sessions. Emphasis is placed on analysis and interpretation of data from the primary literature. Prior coursework in genetics and biochemistry is strongly recommended.

GMS MI 715: Immunological Basis of Disease

Journal article-based survey of mechanisms underlying diseases caused by abnormal immune system function. Emphasis will be on normal vs. pathological immune system processes towards reinforcing how basic immunological concepts have immediate clinical significance.


PiBS Courses offered:

Core Courses

GMS FC 704 Foundations in Biomedical Sciences: Mechanisms of Cell Communication (2 cr)

GMS FC 708 Professional Skills Development

Possible Elective Courses

GMS FC 705 Foundations in Biomedical Sciences: Translational Genetics and Genomics (2 cr)

GMS FC 706 Foundations in Biomedical Sciences: Molecular Metabolism (2 cr)

GMS FC 707 Foundations in Biomedical Sciences: Physiology of Specialized Cells (2 cr)

GMS BY 763 Foundations of Biophysics and Structural Biology II (2 cr)

GMS BY 777 Macromolecular Assembly II (2 cr)

GMS FC 762 Critical Thinking in Biomedical Research (2 cr)

GMS MI 701 Concepts in Virology (2 cr) (half semester course)

GMS MI 702 Concepts in Bacterial Evolution and Genetics (2 cr) (half semester course)

GMS MI 715 Immunological Basis of Disease (2 cr)

GMS NU 756 Molecular, Biochemical and Physiological Basis of Nutrition II: Macronutrients (4cr)

GMS OB 764 Basic Processes in Oral Biology, II (2cr)

GMS PA 700 Basic and Experimental Pathology (4 cr)

GMS PA 910 Human Biospecimens in Research (2 cr)

Lab Rotations

Each student will complete three (3) ten-week lab rotations in the second semester.