Valentina Perissi, PhD

Associate Professor of Biochemistry

PhD, University of California, San Diego

BUMC Research Profile 

Dr. Perissi’s lab investigates how different inputs are integrated and translated in fine-tuning of transcriptional regulation via the action of signal transduction pathways, ubiquitin conjugating machineries and chromatin remodeling enzymes. Our current focus is on understanding how different components of the NCoR/SMRT corepressor complex contribute to broadly regulate the cellular responses to external stimuli and changes in bioenergetics needs through transcriptional and non-transcriptional functions. To dissect these functions, we take a multidisciplinary approach that includes in vitro biochemical and cellular experiments, in vivo modeling using tissue-specific mouse models, and high throughput next generation sequencing approaches. By understanding how cells modulate hormonal, metabolic and inflammatory gene programs in physiological conditions, we hope to contribute to clarify what happens when the same pathways are disrupted under pathological conditions.