GSI 2024 Pilot Grant Competition – Applications Due April 5, 2024

The Genome Science Institute will soon hold the workshop pilot grant competition this Spring 2024 aimed at assisting GSI labs at Boston University try out new genetics and genomics technologies. These pilot grants are intended to provide the resources needed to generate preliminary data prior to the submission of extramural grants (e.g., R01s or P01s).

PURPOSE AND SCOPE: These pilot workshop grants are intended to stimulate the utilization of new technologies in genetics and genomics research for GSI labs to generate preliminary data for extramural grant applications. We encourage applicants to seek opportunities to enhance their NIH research proposal applications.  The 2024 themes are 10X Genomics technologies and Oxford Nanopore Sequencing Technologies.  See the GSI Seminar Series for Genomics Company Representatives who will present genomics technologies in upcoming presentations.

ELIGIBLITY: Multiple awards (at least 5 this year, at approximately $10K each) from the GSI will be eligible to BU research faculty on either the Medical or Charles River campuses. Joint PI applications are highly encouraged. At least one PI must have been a GSI member for six months prior to the submission deadline (Exceptions for new faculty will be considered). GSI membership is open to all BU faculty engaged in genetics and/or genomics research. Recent GSI award recipients are eligible for this award competition.  However, applications from recent awardees will also be evaluated on progress and/or completion of the previous GSI awards and distinctiveness of the new application from previously GSI awards. Please contact to apply.


  1. A two-page max application outlining the specific aims, rationale, background (brief) and methodology (brief) of the project.  The application should also describe the expertise of the individuals involved.
  2. Project should be pilot in nature.  However, if applications will use the GSI Award to offset the cost of a larger experiment please describe the additional funding sources that will be used.  PI’s are strongly encouraged to reach out to Yuriy Alekseyev ( for guidance on 10X Genomics assay design and Ignaty Leshchiner ( for guidance on ONT assay design, prior to submission.  Successful applications will demonstrate feasibility within the chosen technology.
  3. The GSI will cover the cost of sequencing, library preparation reagents, technical support for sample runs, and final analysis through the Microarray and Sequencing Core or the Data Science Core. Cores will cover basic analysis. PI’s interested in additional analyses or custom analyses for a grant application or publication, would need to reach out to core directors directly to coordinate analysis and would need to provide independent funding to cover the cost.
  4. All projects must be ready for analysis by summer 2024 and completed before the end of the 2024 calendar year.
  5. The application should describe how the GSI award will generate new preliminary data for a future external grant submission.
  6. Those applicants who received GSI awards in the past, please summarize the outcomes of the funded research: grants, publications, collaborations, patent applications, etc.
  7. Applications should be sent to by End of Business on April 5th, 2024.

    REVIEW PROCESS: Applications will be reviewed for scientific merit and potential importance in the field of genetics and genomics. Applications will be ranked by the GSI Pilot Grant Committee and funding level determined by the GSI directors. A summary of the discussion is available by contacting the seed committee chair after the review. Anyone with a Conflict of Interest with a potential reviewer should make appropriate notes in the application.

    REPORTING: Individuals who are funded should appropriately acknowledge support of the GSI in publications and grant applications that arise from this project. A 1-2 page progress report outlining the work carried out, as well as a basic breakdown of how funds have been spent is due 12 months from the date of award. Individuals will also be required to present their findings from this research support in the GSI Research symposium.

    Finally, individuals are required to notify the GSI if any of the work conducted as a result of a GSI pilot grant contributes in any way to either a publication or a subsequent award. This allows the GSI to measure the effectiveness of this program.

    Archive of the past 2023 Pilot Grant Announcement