GSI 2019 Workshop Competition

The BUSM Genome Science Institute, in collaboration with the BU Single-Cell Sequencing Core, is sponsoring two workshops this Spring 2019, providing the BUMC and BU research community a chance to explore two developing areas of genomic experiments for generating preliminary data for future grant proposals. 

Both workshops are limited competitions for labs to submit an experimental proposal by March 15, 2019.  Winners selected by the GSI Review Panel would receive a set of deeply subsidized reagents from the GSI to conduct Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) or a pilot Single-Cell RNA Sequencing experiment (scRNASeq). Three awards for ddPCR (up to $2400 reagent value per lab) and three awards for scRNA-Seq (up to $9000 in reagent value per lab) will be made to the best-chosen proposals.

On February 20, the GSI will host a seminar by Biorad scientists on the theory and workflow of Droplet Digital PCR on the QX200 instrument housed on K-building, 2nd floor.  There will also be an info session discussing the scope of the Single Cell RNA Sequencing Pilot experiments.  These workshop awards will allow labs to conduct significant but focused pilot experiments, and details will be discussed at the February seminar and updated on this website.

If your lab is interested in ddPCR, please enter your interest information at this link.

Two-page long proposals must be submitted to the GSI website by March 15, and winners would be announced promptly and will be required to submit samples for experimentation by the end of the Spring term. Results from pilot experiments should then be presented at the GSI Research Symposium in November 2019. 

Click here for details on the proposal criteria.

Click here for the ddPCR Applications Guide.


For further questions, please email the GSI at