CBM Faculty Members Awarded CTSI 2021 Integrated Pilot Grants

Congratulations to Drs. Jennifer Beane, Joshua Campbell, Vijaya Kolachalama and Sarah Mazzilli for receiving Integrated Pilot Grants from BU Clinical & Translational Science Institute. Please see below for more information on their awards.

Identifying Coding and Non-Coding Genomic Alterations Associated with Aggressive Prostate Cancer in African American Men

Recipients: Christopher Heaphy, Joshua Campbell & Rachel Flynn

The overall goal of this pilot project is to identify coding and non-coding genomic alterations in the racially and socioeconomically diverse patient population surgically treated for prostate cancer at Boston Medical Cancer.

Highly Multiplexed Immunophenotyping of Aggressive Histologic Patterns of Early-Stage Lung Adenocarcinomas

Recipients: Sarah Mazzilli, Jennifer Beane & Eric Burks

The proposed study leverages a unique set of early-stage LUAD tumors with extensive pathologic characterization that may start to unravel aggressive LUAD immune changes, which has implications for lung cancer diagnosis and interception. The results of this work may suggest new lung cancer interception strategies for early-stage invasive LUAD as well as improve current clinical management and outcomes.

Prediction of Knee Pain Using Ultrasound Imaging and Machine Learning

Recipients: Vijaya Kolachalama & Eugene Kissin

This project (in collaboration with Dr. Juan-Pablo Lopez-Zertuche Ortiz, Dr. Eugene Kissin, and Dr. David Felson) proposes to develop advanced machine learning approaches that can process ultrasound images to predict knee pain.