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CBM research laboratories focus on developing new computational approaches to linking high-dimensional genomic datasets to human phenotypes across the specialty areas of internal medicine

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Our section serves to train graduate students, post doctorates and clinicians in the application of computational and molecular approaches to clinical studies.

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Detection of dementia on voice recordings using deep learning: a Framingham Heart Study

(Source: BMC Alzheimer's Research and Therapy) New publication from Chonghua Xue, Bioinformatics Analyst and Dr. Vijaya Kolachalama, Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Section of Computational Biomedicine. See below for a brief summary and click the link to read the whole article. Background Identification of reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use strategies for detection of dementia is […]

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Researchers develop machine learning methods to accurately identify, characterize metabolism-disrupting chemicals

Source: EurekAlert! Chemicals in your furniture, plastic housewares and pesticides used in your yard may be making  you fat, according to Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health researchers. A growing number of environmental pollutants (organotins in pesticides, phthalates in plastics, flame retardants in furniture) activate fat-forming pathways and enhance weight gain through white-fat […]

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