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CBM-led Study on Diagnosing Different Forms of Dementia Using Artificial Intelligence

(Boston)—Ten million new cases of dementia are diagnosed each year but the presence of different dementia forms and overlapping symptoms can complicate diagnosis and delivery of effective treatments. Now researchers from Boston University have developed an AI tool that can diagnose ten different types of dementia such as vascular dementia, More

CBM Researchers to Co-lead Project to Intercept Lung Cancer

Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, with someone diagnosed approximately every two minutes. In a collaborative effort to end this devastating disease, the American Lung Association and LUNGevity Foundation have joined forces to invest $3 million over the next three years in research... More

Maria Antoinette Evans Staff Diversity Award 2023-24

Erin Kane, PhD, Scientific Program Manager has been awarded the Department of Medicine’s Maria Antoinette Evans Staff Diversity Award which was created to honor a non-faculty member who promotes the departmental values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the DOM or in the broader community.  Erin is the chair... More

Researchers Shed Light on Signaling Pathway Responsible for Head and Neck Cancers

A new study from researchers at Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine shows how computational approaches can drive important biomedical discoveries. The study aimed to better characterize oral tumor heterogeneity, including aggressive cell subpopulations, and identify candidate vulnerabilities that could be targeted therapeutically. The findings are of timely... More

Centenarians Possess Unique Immunity that Helps them Achieve Exceptional Longevity

Led by researchers from Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine and Tufts Medical Center, a new study finds centenarians harbor distinct immune cell type composition and activity and possess highly functional immune systems that have successfully adapted to a history of sickness allowing for exceptional longevity. These immune... More

New Hires May 2023

Grace Kennedy is a summer Research Study Assistant working with the clinical research team.  She is an undergraduate student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and expects to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences in 2025. Marissa Flynn has also joined the clinical research team as a... More

Moorman-Simon Fellowship 2022-2023

The Moorman-Simon Fellowship in Computational Biomedicine was established in the summer of 2019 to provide fellowships to current Ph.D. students in Computational Biomedicine who are working in the field of cancer research.  This fund was established through a generous gift by Trustee Ruth A. Moorman (CAS’88, Wheelock’89,’09, Parent BUA’15) and... More

Two Technologies That Can Make Diagnosing Dementia Easier for Doctors and Patients

(Source: The Brink) Dr. Vijaya Kolachalama, Associate Professor of Medicine and CBM faculty member, was quoted in the Brink article "Two Technologies That Can Make Diagnosing Dementia Easier for Doctors and Patients." The article also featured more information about a deep learning algorithm he and his team developed. See below for... More

New Publication from Campbell Lab

(source: Nature Communications) The Campbell lab, led by its Bioinformatics students, has just been published for SCTK-QC, a pipeline for comprehensive QC of single-cell RNA-seq data. This pipeline will help with reprocessing and QC efforts in consortiums. Click here to read the full publication.

Identifying New Biomarkers to Detect Lung Cancer Earlier

Source: NIH National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Prevention  Lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide killing 1.8 million people each year, is often diagnosed at an advanced stage when the chances for a cure are limited. In the United States, almost 60% of people diagnosed with localized lung and... More