Student Research Internships

The Dept. of Psychiatry welcomes student involvement in research initiatives throughout our department! If you are interested in potentially setting up a research internship in our department, please first take a moment to look through the Research section of our website to identify any specific projects, topic areas or faculty members with whom you are interested in working.

To apply for a research internship, please email, Research Program Manager for the Dept. of Psychiatry. We will provide you with a brief Student Internship Questionnaire to complete. We will use the information you provide in this questionnaire to try to match you with a research faculty member in our department who is seeking student support for their research initiatives. Please note that per institutional policies, student interns must either receive some form of academic credit towards their current degree program (e.g. directed study, independent study, Practicum, thesis, etc…) or must receive financial compensation. Some of our student internship opportunities may be unfunded, so please be clear in your inquiry if you are seeking an internship that would potentially fulfill an academic credit requirement of your current degree program.

Thank you for your interest!