Our Alumni

Maria Maria Serra, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Kotton Lab
MJ Mohamed Jamal, DMD
Research Fellow, Kotton Lab
Derek Derek Liberti
Kotton Lab
Lior Lior Koren
Kotton Lab

Anita Anita Kurmann, M.D.
Kotton Lab
Thyroid RegenerationAnita was taken from our lives and our lab in August 2015,
an event that continues to shape who we are, how we work, and how we take care of each other
Read The Boston Globe article about Anita here.
Amulya Amulya Iyer
Kotton Lab
Letty Letty Kwok
Kotton Lab
Bradley Bradley Phelan, PhD
Kotton Lab
Constantina Constantina Christodoulou, PhD
Kotton Lab
Tyler Tyler Longmire, PhD
Kotton Lab
Chris Chris Ford
Kotton Lab
Amel Amel Omari
Kotton Lab

Other past Kotton Lab members:

Aba Somers, M.D.
Jenny Jean, M.D.
Asha Anandaiah, M.D.
Sara R. Greenhill, M.D.
Sarah J. Ohle
Julia Hui
Gabi Horowitz

Sinead Nguyen
Daniel Nissenbaum
Jared Nissenbaum
Jason Grosz