Lab Members: Kiwi Group

Darrell Darrell Kotton, MD
Seldin Professor of Medicine
Director, Center for Regenerative Medicine

Darrell’s 2017 CV: click here


Andrew Andrew Wilson, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Director, The Alpha-1 Center
Laertis Laertis Ikonomou, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine


Finn Finn Hawkins, MB BCh
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Jean Jyh-Chang Jean
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Laboratory Staff

Michelle Michelle Higgins
Lab Technician, Wilson Lab
Matt Matthew Lawton
Lab Technician, Ikonomou Lab
Dylan Dylan Thomas
Lab Technician, Hawkins Lab

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Killian Killian Hurley, MD
Pulmonary Fellow, Kotton Lab
Joe Joseph Kaserman, MD
Pulmonary Fellow, Wilson Lab

Graduate Students

Katie Katie McCauley
PhD Student, Program in Molecular Medicine, Kotton Lab
Carleton College – BA Chemistry
Research Interests:
Lung injury and repair, lineage specification of lung epithelial cells, in vitro modeling of lung epithelium
Anjali Anjali Jacob
MD/PhD Student, Program in Molecular Medicine, Kotton Lab
Boston University – BA Medical Science
Research Interests:
Directed differentiation of human and mouse iPS to type II pneumocytes
George George Kwong
PhD Student, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Kotton Lab
Keri Keri Dame
PhD Student, Program in Genetics and Genomics, Ikonomou Lab
University of Southern Maine – BA Biology
Research Interests:
Lung progenitor specification and development

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