BUMC RNA Club Meetings 2018-2019

With generous support from the RNA Society,  Dr. Daniel Cifuentes and Dr. Ruslan Afasizhev are promoting these meetings to facilitate research discussions focused on RNA biology and gene regulation.  Below is the latest schedule of meetings on certain Fridays, K103, 12:30 PM.  

Check this page frequently for any updates to the schedule.  Contact us if your lab wishes to participate.

Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 Schedule
April 26 – Grishok lab and Afasizheva lab

March 29 – Muhlberger lab and Cifuentes lab
Adam Hume (Muhlberger Lab)
“The use of minigenome systems as tools to “fill in the blanks” for missing viral genome ends”

Alexandra More (Cifuentes Lab)
“Uncovering the nuclear function of Glycogen Synthase”

March 1 – Fearns lab and Lau lab
Qicheng Ma (Lau Lab)
“Diversity of Mosquito and viral small RNA populations in cells and bugs”

Molly Braun (Fearns Lab)
“RNA binding by the RSV transcription elongation factor, M2-1, defines a mechanism of viral mRNA elongation and suggests a role in virus: host interaction”

September 28  –  Afasizhev lab
Takuma Suematsu (Afasizhev Lab)
“Architecture of mitochondrial 3’ processome in Trypanosome brucei”

October 26 – Fearns lab and Lau lab
Tessa Cressey (Fearns Lab)
“Structural determinants of the RSV Polymerase Involved in
coordinating the RNA Synthesis Initiation Complex”

Satyam Srivastav (Lau Lab)
“Har-P, a short P-element variant from Harwich, collaborates with P
transposase to induce strong gonadal dysgenesis”

November 30 – Labunskyy lab and Cifuentes lab

Carine Beaupere (Labunskyy Lab)
“Translational regulation of iron homeostasis and its impact on aging”

Dmitry Kretov (Cifuentes Lab)
“Reprogramming of microRNA expression during erythropoiesis”

December 21 – Grishok lab and Afasizheva lab

Mikhail Mesitov (Afasizheva Lab)
“Pentatricopeptide repeat poly(A) binding protein KPAF4 stabilizes
mitochondrial mRNAs in Trypanosoma brucei ”

Ruben Esse (Grishok Lab)
“DOT1L suppresses nuclear RNAi originating from enhancer elements
in C. elegans”

January 25 – Afasizhev lab and Muhlberger lab

Andrey Sharov (Sharov Lab)
“Chromatin remodeler Lymphoid-specific helicase (Lsh) maintains DNA methylation at constitutive heterochromatin and prevents activation of endogenous retroviruses in epidermal keratinocytes ”

Hong Wang (Afasizhev Lab)
“Electron microscopy and cross-linking mass spectrometry studies of
RNA editing complexes in T. brucei ”