2012 Abstract Submissions

Hamid AbdolmalekyEpigenetic dysregulation of TGFβ/SMAD signaling in schizophrenia may provide protection against cancer

Elham AziziPredictive models of gene regulation for Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Harold BaeGenome-wide Association Study of Personality Traits in the Long Life Family Study

John Brothers – Moving beyond gene expression:  identification of lung disease-associated novel transcripts and alternative splicing by RNA-sequencing

Joshua Campbell – Characterizing the small RNA transcriptome associated with COPD and ILD using next generation sequencing

Yuxia Cao – LncRNAs interacting with chromatin regulatory proteins play a key role in epigenetic control of lung gene expression

Jaeyoon Chung – Genome Wide Association study on change of cognition by aging

Alexandra Dumitriu – Genomic data integration reveals molecular modularity of Parkinson disease

Xueping Fan – Identifying non-muscle myosin IIA as a novel downstream signaling component of Slit2-Robo2 Pathway in kidney podocytes

Panagiotis Fotakis – Effect of reconstituted HDLs on the migration of endothelial cells

A.K. Kateifides – Role of the hydrophobic and charged residues in the 218 to 226 region of apoA-1 in the biogenesis of HDL

Carly Garrison – MiR-4423 Promotes ciliated cell fate during airway epithelium differentiation

Adam Gower – Molecular profiling of preneoplastic lesions in the progression of squamous cell lung cancer

Stephen Haddan – Vitamin D, Skin Pigmentation, and Breast Cancer in the Black Women’s Health Study

Bing Han – Predicting sensitivity to DNA Methylation inhibitors using support vector machines

Sarah Heerboth – Development of a combination therapy:  Allele-specific re-expression of an imprinted tumor suppressor gene ARHI

Kahkeshan Hijazi – Nasal epithelial gene expression profiles reflect dynamic biological response to smoking-cessation

Changjin Hong – Rapid diagnosis of pathogens with deep-sequencing data

Andrew Johnson – Whole genome sequence analyses describe the genetic architecture of complex traits the Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genetic Epidemiology (CHARGE) Consortium

Sarah Kleinsorge – The mitochondrial protein cytochrome c heme lyase is necessary for cell polarity

Elyse Kozlowski – The ZCCHC11 terminal uridyltransferase drives mouse testicular development and spermatogenesis

James Kozubek – Rare Variants, Indels and Structural Variants identified in whole genome and whole exome sequencing in age-related Macular Degeneration

Rebecca Kusko – Comprehensive genomic profiling of the lung transcriptome in emphysema and IPF using RNA-Seq

Jacqueline Milton – Prediction of fetal hemoglobin in Sickle Cell Anemia using a genetic risk factor

Catalina Perdomo – miR-4423 is a novel microRNA induced by airway epithelium differentiation and repressed in lung cancer during lung carcinogenesis

Anna Pisarek-Horowitz – Loss of Robo2 alleviates podocyte Structural defects in nephrin null mice

Eric Samorodnitsky – Systems biology approach to determine the efficacy of Methylation by DNA-Methyl transferase1 in cancer cells

 Stephanie Schneider – Meta-analysis of estrogen transcriptional regulation across different tissue types

Matthew Schu – Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies 19 loci associated with AMD risk

Ying Shen – Adaptive Models for Predicting Pathway Activation and Drug Response in Cancer Tissues

Cassandra Smith – Complexity of complex diseases:  Schizophrenia

Yuxiang Tan – Pipeline for mRNA sequencing data processing and quality assessment

Teresa Wang – Secondhand smoke alters the nasal epithelial gene expression profiles in adults and children

Teresa Wang – Smoking-related carcinogenesis:  specific miRNA expression patterns in current, former, and never smokers with lung adenocarcinoma

Joseph Wu – Bayesian approach to modeling factorial time-course gene expression with an application to bone aging in mice