Ingenuity IPA

The Genome Science Institute is pleased to announce that we have negotiated to have an Institutional License for access to Ingenuity Pathways Analysis Software (IPA) through funds provided by the BUMC Provost, Dr. Karen Antman.  Accounts are available to all Boston University faculty, staff, students and postdocs with a email address.

We hope that faculty who utilize this resource in their research will join the GSI, if they are not already members, so that we can continue to identify researchers utilizing genetic and genomic approaches, and to promote collaborations, technology and resources.

To set up an account, please fill out a request form which can be found here.  More information about IPA can be found on the Ingenuity website.

Please note:  The current subscription supports an unlimited number of accounts but only one concurrent user.  Usage will be tracked so that the GSI can assess interest in this software and determine if renewal or modification of the license is warranted.