Genomics Research Tools

Future GSI Support for Genomics Research Tools with broad use by the BUMC community.

The BUMC GSI will be looking for feedback and suggestions for new tools that are both affordable and have broad utility to the genomics community.  If you have an idea of a cost-effective genomics package, please discuss with  GSI Co-Directors how we can partner to explore new support options to help labs enter into the genomics research arena. You may submit your suggestions via email to

2019 Update to the GSI support of the Ingenuity IPA Software – Please Read.

From now till March 31, 2019, the GSI requires all current BU users of Ingenuity IPA to download and back up your data from the IPA site. Contact Nicole McKiernan – QIAGEN <> or Scott Magin – QIAGEN <>  to ask for instructions.  You have until March 31, 2019 to download and back up your data.

Starting April 1, 2019, GSI is switching to a new IPA license structure with only a Limited Number of Power User accounts on a limited basis to maximize usage. If you are interested in a Power User account or are interested in the status of your account, please contact us at Power Users must provide an account number to the GSI for a $300 buy-in charge (similar to a co-pay) to set up your account and password.  As a Power User, you will also help GSI manage this account and arrange for re-upload of your data. 

The cost for Ingenuity IPA has continued rising ~6% each year since GSI began paying for this initiative in 2010. Two prominent Med Schools have already discontinued their Ingenuity IPA programs, while other Cores are charging ~$3000 per user. 

 This new plan is still providing each Power User a huge subsidy in cost (>$12K), and this is the only way GSI can currently afford to sustain the IPA initiative for the BU/BUMC community. We appreciate your patience and assistance as we handle new challenges and transitions this year.

For additional details and inquiries about this new program, please email