Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017 GSI Research Symposium

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The Directors, faculty, and staff of the Genome Science Institute would like to thank all who attended the Ninth Annual GSI Research Symposium and helped to make it a success! We extend special thanks to those faculty members who participated as poster judges this year, and to the vendors upon whose generous support this event depends.

Following a very successful event, the Directors of the Genome Science Institute at Boston University School of Medicine are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 GSI Research Symposium!

Oral Award Recipients
Virginia Fisher Department of Biostatistics, BUSPH A Hierarchical Approach to Genetic Fine Mapping Incorporating Functional Annotation
Anoush Calikyan Undergraduate College Of Arts and Sciences, BUSM Modeling Familial Partial Lipodystrophy Dunnigan Type 2 with CRISPR Technology
Ruben Esse Department of Biochemistry, BUSM Embryonic H379 Methylation of Enhancers Poises them for Future Tissue-Specific Activation and Prevents their Epigenetic Silencing
Hongjae Sunwoo Department of Molecular Biology, MGH Repeat E Anchors Xist RNA to the Inactive X Chromosome Territory Through Interaction with CIZ1

Poster Award Recipients
-Timothy Norman, CSF1R+ progenitors con-tribute to postnatal pulmonary lymphatic endo-thelium
Eve Byington, Discovery of Topologically Associating Domains using RNA-Seq datasets in human brain
Dmitry Kretov, Dicer-independent miR-451 interferes with Canonical microRNA-biogenesis pathway
Ekaterina Gushchanskaia, Effect of small RNAs on chromatin landscape

We extend our sincere congratulations to this year’s winners. Given both the quantity and quality of the abstracts and posters submitted this year, choosing just 5 speakers and 5 poster award winners was by no means an easy task.

We hope that all who attended enjoyed the Symposium, and look forward to seeing you again in November 2018!

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