GSI Research Symposium Winners

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Standing: Rebecca Kusko, Zachary Hunter, Carly Garrison, Artie Lambert, Anna Lyubetskaya, Joshua CampbellSitting: Kahkeshan Hijazi and Hilo Milo Rasouly  Missing: Kristen Ott, Sarah Heerboth, and Ying Shen

At the Genome Science 2012 Research Symposium awards were given to graduate students and post doctoral fellow for oral and poster presentations.  The following is a list of winners:

Oral Presentation Winners:

Arthur Lambert (Graduate Student in Molecular Medicine, Thiagalingam Lab) – Periostin signaling regulates breast cancer stem cells

Anna Lyubetskaya (Graduate Student in Bioinformatics, Galagan Lab) – Using ChIP-seq for transcription factor binding sites prediction and validation in M. tuberculosis

Hila Milo Rasouly (Graduate Student in Genetics and Genomics, W. Lu Lab) – Loss of Robo2 improves survival of ILK mutant mice

Kristen Ott (Graduate Student in Genetics and Genomics, Navarro Lab) – Characterizing spindle-E, a protein involved in guarding the genome

Zachary Hunter (Graduate Student in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Treon Lab) – Copy number and small variant analysis from whole genome sequencing of 30 patients with Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia

Poster Presentation Winners:

Joshua Campbell (Postdoctoral Fellow, Spira Lab) – Characterizing the small RNA transcriptome associated with COPD and ILD using next generation sequencing

Carly Garrison (Graduate Student in Genetics and Genomics, Spira Lab) – Mir-4423 promoted ciliated cell fate during airway epithelium differentiation

Sarah Heerboth (Undergraduate Student in Biology) – Development of a combination therapy:  Allele-specific re-expression of an imprinted tumor suppressor gene ARHI

Kahkeshan Hijazi (Graduate Student in Bioinformatics, Spira Lab) – Nasal epithelial gene expression profiles reflect dyamic biological response to smoking-cessation

Rebecca Kusko (Graduate Student in Genetics and Genomics, Spira Lab) – Comprehensive genomic profiling of the lung transcriptome in emphysema and IPF using RNA-Seq

Ying Shen (Postdoctoral Fellow, Spira Lab) – Adaptive models for predicting pathway activation and drug response in cancer tissues

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