Seed Grant Recipients for 2012

The 2012 Seed Grant Recipients were:

Matthew Jones, PhD, Pulmonary

Collaborators:  Kenneth H. Albrecht, PhD, Medicine, Genetics and Genomic; Caryn L. Navarro, PhD, Medicine


  • To determine whether ZCCHC11 deficiency affects the content level and uridylation of testicular sncRNAs using deep sequencing, mRNA expression using microarrays, and retrotransposon expression using qRT-PCR.
  • To how and when ZCCHC11 deficiency causes germ cell loss leading to infertility by analyzing morphology and marker gene expression in Zcchc11 mutant gonads.

Cesar A. Sommer, PhD, Gastroenterology

Collaborator:  Gustavo Mostoslavsky, PhD, Gastroenterology


  • To interrogate the transcriptome of GIP-expressing K-cells in order to identify genes that define their molecular profile.
  • To investigate the ability of K-cell “identity genes” to modulate the production of GIP and the development of K-cells in vitro.

Sam Thiagalingam, PhD, Biomedical Genetics

Collaborator: Maria I. Ramirez, PhD, Pulmonary Center


  • To test the effect of SDPR over-expression/knock down in in vitro model systems and screening for SDPR expression in tissue microarrays (TMA)
  • In vivo analysis of candidate metastasis suppressor gene, SDPR.

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