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The Boston University Genome Science Institute (GSI) was established in 2008 with the mission to expand our understanding of the role of genes in human health by fostering collaboration and serving as a resource for Boston University investigators engaged in genetics and genomics research and education. The GSI was formed in recognition that excellent research in genetics and genomics at BU spans both the Medical and the Charles River Campuses and is found in many departments and schools, and thus an institute connecting these varied investigators would have a synergistic effect. There are currently over 100 GSI faculty members from the schools of Medicine, Public Health, Dental Medicine, and Arts and Sciences. The GSI unites these investigators through a seminar series, a yearly Research Symposium, and other opportunities for formal and informal interaction among faculty and students. We work closely with the BU faculty to continually expand and strengthen the opportunities for training and research for students at BU interested in genetics and genomics.

The GSI has implemented two initiatives intended to have a direct impact on genetics and genomics research at BU.  The first initiative is the yearly seed grant competition.  This RFA is intended to support the expansion of genetics/genomics research by supporting new collaborations between groups with diverse expertise to address (1) new scientific questions in genetics and genomics, or (2) collaborative initiatives to develop new genomic technologies that are not commercially available.  To date we have awarded nineteen seed grants in seven rounds of funding (2009-2015) ranging from $10,000-20,000. The second initiative is to make critical software available through institutional licenses, such as Globus Genomics and Ingenuity Pathways Analysis Software (IPA), through funds provided by the BUMC Provost, Dr. Karen Antman.  Accounts are available to all Boston University faculty, staff, students and postdocs with a email address.

Please contact us at if you would like to join the GSI, or if you have questions or suggestions on how the GSI can better facilitate and develop genetics and genomics research at BU.