Recruitment & Retention Tools

  • Recruitment letter templates

  • Informational Brochures for Research Subjects or Prospective Subjects

    The Boston University Clinical and Translational Science Institute (BU CTSI) participates in the New England Research Subject Advocacy (NE RSA) Consortium (including BU, Harvard, Tufts, Yale, and Dartmouth CTSIs) to support the research community and participants. One of the initiatives has been the development of informational brochures to help researchers communicate and discuss, in plain language, various aspects of research. These brochures are available for download in multiple languages on the Harvard Catalyst website. Scroll to “Brochures.”

  • ReSPECT Registry

    The ReSPECT Registry is a tool to help BU/BMC investigators find subjects to participate in their research studies. Click here to learn more about how to use this important recruitment resource. Click here to request ReSPECT Registry assistance and/or services.