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RPN Workshop Presenters

Thanks for your interest in teaching a workshop! Teaching a workshop is a great opportunity for you to learn from other research professionals and share your expertise.

RPN workshops are “peer-led” and so we look for research support staff to lead the workshops. The CRRO will provide you with guidance and mentorship, as well as a financial incentive for you to teach the workshop. You can also team up with a colleague to teach the workshop (and split the incentive). Workshops typically run for 75 minutes and about half of the time is devoted to a hands-on activity.

You don’t need to be an expert on a topic to teach a workshop on it. If there’s something that interests you we will give you resources and feedback to help you teach it!

In the 2018-2019 academic year, we’ve teamed up with our CTSI partner institution, University of Vermont, to share the workshop experience. Staff from UVM attend the workshops virtually as well as virtually teach some workshops. We use Zoom technology for this process.

Taking on a workshop does mean extra work, but there are lots of benefits!:

  • Further your learning and expertise in a specific research topic area
  • Practice your presentation skills in a safe place
  • Earn the appreciation of your peers
  • Connect with colleagues who have similar interests
  • Resume-booster!
  • Extra $$!

If you’re interested, please complete this form to tell us about workshop you’d like to develop and run. The RPN Manager will get in touch with you after you submit your form.