Pathology & Laboratory Medicine BU Residency Training



Programs Offered

This is a fully accredited program that offers a combined AP/CP pathway to American Board of Pathology certification.

Combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology – This program consists of a minimum of 24 months anatomic pathology and 18 months clinical pathology. The remaining 6 months of the program may be spent doing either anatomic pathology or clinical pathology, depending on the resident’s particular interests. Residents alternate between AP and CP at yearly and six-month intervals.

Currently, one funded fellowship position in cytopathology is available on completion of the residency program.

About the Department

The Department of Anatomic Pathology receives 22,000 surgical accessions and 20,000 cytology specimens each year. Additionally, the department performs approximately 70 autopsies annually. The clinical laboratory performs approximately 3.5 million tests annually.


Types and Numbers of Appointments

There are a total of 11  residency positions available in the program including up to 3 first-year positions. There is currently one fully funded fellowship position in cytopathology. The program actively seeks to recruit minority physicians.

The Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine supports a PhD program in pathology that has an enrollment of 27 students and shares facilities and some academic programs with the residency program.


The Boston Medical Center is a modern tertiary care 496-bed facility with a distinguished tradition in academic medicine. The Medical Center is immediately adjacent to and flanks the campus of the Boston University School of Medicine.

Residents in anatomic pathology train in our brand new, state-of-the-art facility at 670 Albany Street. One of the few custom built anatomic pathology laboratories in the USA, it has replaced the Mallory building which housed the pathology department from its construction in 1933. The design took 1.5 years, with consultation from Stubbins Associates (an architectural firm with wide experience in lab design for the Biotech industry), and features modern ventilation, equipment, laboratory and office space for AP residents. facilities offer surgical pathology processing, histology, immunohistochemistry, electron microscopy, cytology prep. and screening, image analysis center, molecular pathology (including laser capture microdissection capability, FISH and PCR), GI research, Tissue Archiving Service, conference room and lounge. ‎Continued on Next Page