Immunobiology of Trauma Training Grant T32 GM86308

Training opportunity for physician scientists

In June 2010 Boston University was awarded a grant to train physicians for 2 years in basic science investigation to examine the Immunobiology of Trauma, grant T32 GM 86308. Candidates are being recruited from the residency programs of Boston Medical Center, as well as the School of Dental Medicine, and Ph.D. programs from Boston University School of Medicine. Candidates must be eligible to be paid by a training grant sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, including being a US citizen or holding a green card.

This grant will provide a stipend to pay for 2 years of training in a basic science laboratory with Boston University investigators to learn principles of basic science investigation. Successful applicants must be committed to an academic career.

All applicants will be asked to submit the following:

  1. Curriculum vitae including undergraduate institution and medical/graduate/dental school.
  2. Results of standardized test scores (i.e. USMLE, DSAT, GRE).
  3. Personal statement (less than one page) with specifics about the desire to develop into a clinician scientist.
  4. Letter of support and recommendation from Department Chair or Program Director (if appropriate) indicating that the applicant will be able to work full time in the laboratory for 2 years without clinical responsibilities.
  5. Letter of recommendation in addition to that provided by the Department Chair/Program Director.

This information should be submitted electronically to Debra Kiley,

Trainees will be selected by members of the Executive Committee:

  • Daniel G. Remick, M.D. Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  • Peter Burke, M.D., Department of Surgery
  • David Center, M.D., Department Internal Medicine
  • Thomas Van Dyke, D.D.S, Ph.D., Department of Periodontology and Oral Biology, School of Dental Medicine

Additional information about this training opportunity is available on the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine’s website.