November 2012

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December 4th, 2012

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items



  • Dr. Antonio de las Morenas gave the annual Stanley L. Robbins lecture to the New England Society of Pathologists on November 13th. This lecture is named in honor of Dr. Robbins, former Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. de las Morenas’s  lecture “Challenges in the Diagnosis of Well Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma” was presented to a standing room only group of pathologists.
  • Kurosawa Lab News:
    • An invited review was published from the Kurosawa Lab in Toxins, in a special issue entitled: Novel Properties of Well-Characterized Toxins.  First authorship is shared by Pathology graduate students Chad Mayer (MD,PhD candidate) and Caitlin Leibowitz (PhD candidate), who wrote most of the text and contributed equally.
  • Mayer, CL*, Leibowitz, CS*, Kurosawa S, Stearns-Kurosawa, DJ. Shiga Toxins and the Pathophysiology of Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome in Humans and Animals.  Toxins4(11), 1261-1287, 2012.  doi:10.3390/toxins4111261.  *Equal first authors
  • Dr. Stearns-Kurosawa was invited to give a presentation at the American Society of Nephrology in San Diego, October 30 – November 4, in a session dedicated to new treatments for atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome and Shiga toxin-related acute kidney injury.  Her presentation was entitled “Development and Treatment of HUS in Nonhuman Primates Induced by Toxins from Enterohemorrhagic E.coli.
  • Dr. Forum Raval has joined Barbara Nikolajczyk’s lab as a post-doctoral fellow. Forum did her PhD in Immunology with Dr. Eva Szomolanyi-Tsuda at UMass Medical School. She is joining BU as a recipient of a Hematology Training Program Award
  • Dr. Daniel Remick served on a panel of speakers at the 2012 Society of Leukocyte Biology workshop on grantsmanship October 28 – 30 in Maui, Hawaii
  • Dr. Carmen Sarita-Reyes was part of a panel that discussed “The use of AJCC Staging in Clinical Practice, Including the use of prognostic indicators, evidence based national guidelines used in treatment planning in breast cancer cases”. Presenters: Dr. Carmen D. Sarita-Reyes, Dr. Jane Mendez, and Dr. Moussa Sissoko. November 21st 2012, 670 Albany Street; Lobby Level #107/108.


Publications ACCEPTED:

  • Bouchard, Jacqueline; Beal, Dominic; Kim, Jiyoun; Vaickus, Louis; Remick, Daniel. CHEMOKINES MEDIATE ETHANOL-INDUCED EXACERBATIONS OF MURINE COCKROACH ALLERGEN ASTHMA Authors: To be published in Clinical and Experimental Immunology


Publications: PUBLISHED:

  • Wood DE, Lin H, Levy-Moonshine A, Swaminathan R, Chang YC, Anton BP, Osmani L, Steffen M, Kasif S, Salzberg SL. Thousands of missed genes found in bacterial genomes and their analysis with COMBREX Biology Direct. 2012 Oct 30;7(1):37