August 2012

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September 12th, 2012

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items


  • On August 9th at the 31st Annual Sunquest User Group Meeting, “People at the Heart of Healthcare”, in Scottsdale Arizona, Boston Medical Center received an award. As Program Chair for the SUG 2012 Meeting, Silvia MacMurdo was there to proudly receive the award. Below is what was read during the presentation. The award will reside at 670 Albany St in the 7th Floor Lab Administration Office.
    • Excellence in Workflow Standardization
    • Boston Medical Center
      Sunquest would like to recognize Boston Medical Center for Excellence in Workflow Standardization. Boston Award photo.2012 (6)Medical Center moved into a new state of the art laboratory that utilizes a streamlined automated workflow.  The commitment they had to this project was truly incredible. They worked tirelessly to ensure that the facility would be ready with the latest research, state-of-the-art technology and exceptional clinical capabilities.
  • Additionally, innovative workflows enable their staff to address the complex range of medical, social, economic and emotional factors that affects the health of our most vulnerable patients. They set the bar for what labs can be, and proved that laboratory has a great responsibility to be excellent for our patients.
  • Recent graduates Drs. Hao Wu, Dehua Wang, Stephen Hammond, Kate Downey passed their AP/CP board examinations. Dr. Marier Hernandez-Perez passed her AP exam. They are well launched into their subspecialty fellowship training at BMC (Dr. Wu), Indiana; (Dr. Wang), New York; (Drs. Hammond, Downey), and Houston (Dr. Hernandez-Perez).
  • Congratulations on passing the Qualifying Exams!
    • Parul Agnihotri
  • Welcome New Students:
    • Sun Young Jang, MA student joining us from UMass/Amherst
    • Erica Langley, PhD candidate coming from BU
    • Benjamin Lee, a Masters candidate, comes in from the University of Northern Colorado
    • Melody Lun is an MD/PhD student joining our department
    • Liz Moses is joining the ITP/Pathology PhD Program coming to us from Colorado State University
    • Jacqueline Sikora is coming into Pathology PhD Program from BU’s CMB Program
    • Mark Wojnarowicz, a PhD candidate also arrives from our very own Boston University


Publications Accepted:

  • Bryan G. Belikoff, Louis J. Vaickus, Michail Sitkovsky, and Daniel G. Remick. A2B Adenosine Receptor Expression by Myeloid Cells is Pro-Inflammatory in Murine Allergic-Airway Inflammation1 Journal of Immunology
  • Marcin F. Osuchowski, Florin Craciun, Katrin Weixelbaumer, Elizabeth R. Duffy and Daniel G. Remick. SEPSIS CHRONICALLY IN MARS: SYSTEMIC CYTOKINE RESPONSES ARE ALWAYS MIXED REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME, MAGNITUDE OR PHASE OF SEPSIS; Journal of Immunology


Publications: PUBLISHED

  • Nikolajczyk BS, Jagannathan-Bogdan M, Denis GV. The outliers become a stampede as immunometabolism reaches a tipping point. Immunology Review 2012 Sep;249 (1):253-75. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-065X.2012.01142.x.PMID: 22889227 [PubMed – in process]
  • Earl Gillespie a, Susan E. Leeman a, Luisa A. Watts d, Jennifer A. Coukos c, Michael J. O’Brien d, Sandra R. Cerda d,Francis A. Farraye c, Arthur F. Stucchi b. Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 is Increased in Colonic Epithelial Cells from Patients with Colitis-Associated Cancer. PAI-1 and Colitis-Associated Cancer; 2 August 2012
  • Natarajan S, Kim J, Bouchard J, Cruikshank W, Remick DG: Pulmonary Endotoxin Tolerance Protects against Cockroach Allergen-Induced Asthma-Like Inflammation in a Mouse Model, Int Arch Allergy Immunol 2012, 158:120-130, PMID: 22269653
  • Winfield RD, Delano MJ, Cuenca AG, Cendan JC, Lottenberg L, Efron PA, Maier RV, Remick DG, Moldawer LL, Cuschieri J: Obese Patients Show a Depressed Cytokine Profile Following Severe Blunt Injury, Shock 2012, PMID: 22266966
  • Bouchard JC, Kim J, Beal DR, Vaickus LJ, Craciun FL, Remick DG: Acute oral ethanol exposure triggers asthma in cockroach allergen-sensitized mice, American Journal of  Pathology 2012, 181:845-857, PMID: 22796441
  • Vaickus LJ, Bouchard J, Kim J, Natarajan S, Remick DG: Cockroach allergens induce biphasic asthma-like pulmonary inflammation in outbred mice, The Journal of Asthma 2012, 49:510-521, PMID: 22540923