July 2012

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July 31st, 2012

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items


  • Congratulations to Rituparna Moitra, PhD, who successfully defended her thesis

    RituDefense.Dan  Ritu

    Newly Defended Dr. Rituparna Moitra with her mentor and Department Chair, Daniel Remick, MD



Newly Defended Dr. Patricia Kao with her mentor, Ivana Delalle, MD; PhD

  • Congratulations to Patricia Kao, PhD, who successfully defended her thesis “IDENTIFYING REGULATORS OF BRAINRESERVE AND NEUROPATHOLOGICAL CHANGES IN COGNITIVE AND MOOD DISORDERS” on Wednesday, July 25th
  • David Sherr, PhD was awarded a 2 year grant from the Mary Kay Foundation to study the role of the AhR in breast cancer.
  • Dr. Sherr also got a Coulter Award to develop AhR-targeted therapeutics
  • Jessica Allen, 2nd year PhD Candidate, going into Caroline Genco’s Lab for her thesis work has been awarded a “Cross-disciplinary Training in Nanotechnology for Cancer” (XTNC) Fellowship for the period 9/1/12-8/31/13
  • Panchenko Lab:
    • Two talented young researchers, Joseph Haegele and Sherry Blackmon, moved on after completing a year of productive research in the Panchenko Lab followed by glorious acceptances into top tier competitive graduate schools. Joe is currently enrolled in PhD program at Cornell University, while Sherry is pursuing DVM/PhD degree at the School of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University.
    • New people: A recent graduate from Harvard University, Joseph Mandelbaum, started working in the lab in July. His goal is to publish papers and move on to a PhD Program. Alice Lee is a Boston University sophomore. She won a $4000 UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) Award to receive training during Summer 2012 in Dr. Panchenko’s lab.
  • Kurosawa Lab: Please welcome summer students in the Kurosawa Lab:
    • Connor Jacobson is a high school student from New York in the lab via the BU RISE Program.   Connor is testing different reagents expected to minimize endoplasmic reticulum stress responses in kidney epithelial cells.  He will give a poster on his project on August 10th.
    • Jonathan Greenbaum is a Boston University undergraduate student participating in the BU UROP Program.  Jonathan’s project is testing the ability of IL-15 to minimize the cellular damage elicited by toxins from enterohemorrhagic E.coli.   He will present his results in a poster session at the end of July.
    • Ben Lee is an incoming BU Master’s student in the Pathology Department. He has experience with immunoglobulin cloning from vaccinated bats (yes, bats).  Ben is working on two projects: identifying mechanisms for the protective properties of an anti-Shiga toxin peptide – and- development of methods for isolating intestinal epithelial cells.
  • Remick Lab:
    • Rui Soares, a junior from Boston College, is working in the Remick lab this summer as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) at Boston University. Rui’s project is to determine whether mitochondrial Damage Associated Molecular Patterns (MTDs) contribute to mortality from sepsis. Rui is working under the guidance of Evan L. Chiswick, a PhD Candidate in the Remick Lab
    • Sai Kottapalli is a Master’s Student in the Medical Sciences program at Boston University School of Medicine. He is currently working on his thesis investigating the role of immune supressor cells in cockroach allergen induced asthma.
    • Chunzi Zhang comes from Penn State University. Chunzi originally comes from China and has finished her junior year as a human nutrition major.  She is working on “An anti-oxidant, resveratrol treatment of asthma-like inflammation induced by co-exposure to air pollutants and allergens.”  Chunzi started working under the mentorship of Dr. Jiyoun “John” Kim on May 29 and will stay with us until August 17.


Publications: PUBLISHED

  • Kao PF, Banigan MG, Vanderburg CR, McKee AC, Polgar PR, Seshadri S, Delalle I.; “Increased Expression of TrkB and Capzb2 Accompanies Preserved Cognitive Status in Early Alzheimer Disease Pathology.” Journal of Neuropathology and Exp Neurology 2012 Jul;71(7):654-64.