June 2012

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July 2nd, 2012

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items


  • Castle Graduation Celebration 2012
New PhD Graduate Dr. Kristina Perry, Committee Member and Co-Director Graduate Program, Dr. Chris Andry and Kristina’s Committee Chair, Dr. Mary-Jo Murnane
Castle-6 New PhDs: Dr. Jacqueline Bouchard, Dr. Madhu Bogdan, Dr. Kristina Perry and Dr. Srimathi Srinivasan
Castle-8 Graduate Dr. Srimathi Srinivasan and her mentor Dr. Nader Rahimi
  • Congratulations on passing the Qualifying Exams!
    • Caitlin Leibowitz
    • Zachary Hunter
    • Chad Mayer
    • Nicole Stauffer
    • Martin Steinbuck
    • Thank you to all faculty members who assisted with the qualifying exams, with a SPECIAL Thank You Dr. Bohdana Burke
  • Barb Nikolajczyk presented her team’s work at the American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting June 2012.  The title of the work was “B Lymphocytes are Master Regulators of a Pro-inflammatory T Cell Balance in Obesity and Glucose Intolerance”. This work has also been selected as a plenary oral presentation for The Obesity Society Annual meeting in Sept. 2012 in San Antonio TX. Dr. Nikolajczyk has also been invited as a panel member at an Obesity Society Annual Meeting Pre-conference Workshop on Adipocyte Metabolism
  • Barb Nikolajczyk also presented “B lymphocytes are master regulators of a pro-inflammatory T cell balance in obesity and glucose intolerance ” as an invited speaker at the Univ. of Pennsylvania Immmunology seminar series in June, 2012
  • David Stepien, MD/PhD candidate in the Remick Lab was invited to give an oral presentation at the 35th Annual Conference on Shock entitled: “Traumatic Brain Injury Enhances the Pulmonary Immune Response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pneumonia” on June 10th in Miami Beach, FL. David also received a Travel Award from the Shock Society to attend the conference
  • Welcome Summer Students in the Kurosawa Lab:
    • Jonathan Greenbaum, a BU undergrad from the UROP program
    • Conor Johnson, a high school student from the BU RISE program
    • Ben Lee, a Pathology Master’s student
    • Erin Kelley, an undergrad from Bates College in Maine
  • Caitlin Miller, 2nd year PhD candidate has recently been accepted into the ITP Program. She will be doing her thesis work in Rahm Gumuluru’s Lab


Publications: ACCEPTED

  • Anthony Makkinje, Pierre Vanden Borre, Richard I. Near, Prayag S. Patel and Adam Lerner. “Breast cancer anti-estrogen resistance 3 (BCAR3) augments binding of the c-Src SH3domain to Crk-associated substrate (p130Cas)” The Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • Girnius S, Dember L and Lerner A. “Diabetes insipidus as presenting manifestation of Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia” Journal of Hematology