April 2011

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April 4th, 2011

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items


  • Experimental Biology Conference 2011: April 9-13; Washington DC
    • Jackie Bouchard, 4th year PhD candidate will be presenting a poster at this year’s Experimental Biology Conference.  The title is “Binge drinking rapidly triggers asthma-like pulmonary inflammation in cockroach-allergen sensitized mice.”  It will be presented in the poster session entitled “Inflammation and Immunopathology” Sunday, April 10, 2011
    • Dominic Beal, 3rd year PhD Candidate will be presenting orally at this year’s Experimental Biology Conference.  The title of his talk is “Acute alcohol exposure alters the lymphocyte profile in cockroach-allergen (CRA) induced allergic mice.”  It will be presented in the oral session entitled “Inflammation and Immunopathology” on Saturday, April 9, 2011
  • Joel Henderson, MD was invited to attend the Boston University Medical Campus Emerging Leaders Forum, March 23 and 24 at the Wellesley College Club
  • The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine recently invited medical students to participate in a creative educational project incorporating basic science content into the clinical years. Over 30 students applied for the project award and the students listed below were selected to participate. Three are MD/PHD students with specific interest in medical education; each student is awarded 500 dollars from a recent grant obtained by the department from the American Society of Investigative Pathology. Dr. Carl O’Hara, Dr. Lija Joseph from our department and Dr. Kitt Shaffer from the Radiology Department will be mentoring the students. If any faculty has an interest in participating in this project please let Drs. Joseph or O’Hara know. The cases will be incorporated into the radiology rotation in BUSM 3.Congratulations to the following medical students!!
      • Anna Sofia Qvarfordt Eisenstein
      • Alexander James Gallan
      • Anunita Garg
      • Sandra Hsu
      • Hillary Ann  Johnston-Cox
      • Paul Romesser
      • Lev Vaisman
      • Bjorn Kristian Watsjold
  • Dr. Mark Flomenbaum was appointed Scientific Program Director and Moderator for the Semiannual Meeting of the National Association of Medical Examiners, held in conjunction with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in late February.  The theme of the program was “The Negative Autopsy”.  Dr. Flomenbaum also delivered the first presentation
  • Martin Kroll, MD was interviewed for an article on Cardiovascular Markers which appeared in the March issue of CAP Today
  • Nader Rahimi, PhD was invited to join the editorial boards of two recently launched journals “ISRN Vascular Medicine” and “World Journal of Biological Chemistry”
  • Welcome to postdoc Sudha Natarajan, PhD who is newly working in the ITP Program within the Remick Lab. Sudha is a graduate from the Remick Lab out of the University of Michigan
  • Barbara Nikolajczyk, PhD was awarded a Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center Pilot & Feasibility Program pilot grant entitled: “The Role of T cells in the Transition to Type 2 Diabetes”
  • Dr. Nikolajczyk will also serve as Chair of a block symposium at the Annual American Association of Immunologists meeting in San Francisco May 13-17
  • Martin Steffen, PhD and his team presented a poster about their project which aims to reduce the number of prostate biopsies: “Proteomics Of Peripheral Leukocytes In Patients With Elevated Serum Levels Of Prostate Specific Antigen” Martin Steffen, Agnes Bergerat, Mark Katz, David Wang, and Richard Babayan” at the Innovative Minds in Prostate Cancer Today (IMPaCT) Meeting, March 9–12, 2011. Orlando, Florida. According to Dr. Steffen this would alter, but not necessarily reduce billing by pathology :) (fewer slides to read, but a new test to administer and interpret)
  • Michael Roehrl, MD attended the National Cancer Institute Biospecimen Symposium (NCI BRN) in Bethesda, Maryland March 28 & 29, 2011. While there he chaired two Round Tables: “Ultra-Rapid Biobanking at Boston Medical Center” and “Biobanking for Next-Gen Proteomics and Metabolomics Research in Pathology.”
  • Barbara Nikolajczyk, PhD and Madhu Bogdan, PhD candidate in the Nikolajczyk Lab received a Laboratory Travel Award to attend the American Association of Immunologists Meeting May 13-17 2011 in San Francisco. It’ll pay 100% for both!

Publications ACCEPTED:

  • Mostafa Belghasem, graduating Masters student and Dr. Joel Henderson recently finished writing a book chapter on “Kidney Structure and Physiology” for the CRC Handbook of Biomedical Engineering, 4th Edition.  It will be published in September 2011
  • Joel Henderson, MD has a publication accepted: Wyss HM, Henderson JM, Byfield FJ, Bruggeman LA, Ding Y, Huang C, Suh JH, Franke T, Mele E, Pollak MR, Miner JH, Janmey PA, Weitz DA, Miller RT. “Biophysical properties of normal and diseased renal glomeruli.” Am J Physiol Cell  Physiol. 2011 Mar;300(3):C397-405. PubMed PMID: 21123730
  • Dr. Nader Rahimi’s team has the following accepted for publication, this includes Sri Srinivasan, a current 3rd year PhD student: Meyer RD, Srinivasan S, Singh AJ, Mahoney JE, Gharahassanlou KR, Rahimi N. “PEST Domain Tyrosine and Serine Phosphorylation Controls Ubiquitination and Downregulation of VEGFR-2.”  Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2011
  • A second accepted publication from Dr. Rahimi, PhD: Boucher I, Kehasse A, Marcincin M, Rich C, Rahimi N, Trinkaus-Randall V. “Distinct Activation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor by UTP Contributes to Epithelial Cell Wound Repair.”  American Journal of Pathology, 2011
  • Michael Roehrl, MD has an article to be published in April 2011issue of Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.: Roehrl MHA, Lantz D, Sylvester C, Wang JY. “Age-Dependent Reference Ranges for Automated Assessment of Immature Granulocytes and Clinical Significance in an Outpatient Setting.”


  • Dr. Martin Kroll received a letter about a SAM-eligible education piece that he wrote, that read in part, “On behalf of the CAP Council on Education and the CAP SAM Committee, I would like to thank you for authoring the Archives Applied, SAM-eligible activity for your journal article titled, “Multiple Patient Samples of an Analyte Improve Detection of Changes in Clinical Status.” I am happy to advise you that this activity was released February 24th.”