Theme 2

Brain Control of Feeding Behavior and Metabolism

Toward the long-term goal of understanding, at a mechanistic level, the causes of obesity and eating disorders, BNORC neuroscientists are collaboratively using transformative technologies to identify the basic mechanisms controlling feeding behavior and metabolism in mouse models and clinical studies. Specifically they seek to:

  • 1) Identify neurocircuits and neurobiological bases for regulation of feeding and metabolism and how they are dysregulated in obesity
  • 2) Use state of the art techniques, including functional imaging, to understand how the brain reacts to food stimuli as a function of obesity in mouse models and humans

Theme 2 Members

Bittman, Eric
Kim, Young-Bum
Kokkotou, Efi
Lawson, Elizabeth
Liberles, Stephen
Lowell, Bradford
Maratos-Flier, Eleftheria
Pascual-Leone, Alvaro
Petrovich, Gorica
Pissios, Pavlos
Pothos, Emmanual
Rexrode, Kathryn
Sabatini, Bernardo
Saper, Clifford
Scammell, Thomas
Uchida, Naoshige