Scleroderma Program


The Scleroderma Program is a multidisciplinary program encompassing basic, translational and clinical research and patient care. The Program, founded in 1993 by the late Dr. Joseph Korn, is a comprehensive scleroderma center combining excellence in patient care, participation and leadership in clinical trials and cutting edge basic and translational research. Our clinical research provides patients with scleroderma opportunities to participate in novel clinical trials, including both early studies of new therapeutics and large-scale national trials supported by the National Institutes of Health or Industry. Our translational research seeks to turn new scientific observations into new treatments, enlisting support for studies of emerging therapeutics. Thus, our program’s efforts both in patient care and research, mutually enhancing and sustaining, are centered on discovering the cause and cure of systemic sclerosis. Our research is supported by grants from the NIH Research foundations and private donations.


For new patients to the BMC Rheumatology Clinic, call 617.358.3839


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