Research ACCELERATOR Calendar

The Research ACCELERATOR is part of the the Boston Musculoskeletal Clinical Research Collaboratory (Boston MCRC), supported by a National Institutes of Health Core Center for Clinical Research grant (P30 AR072571).

The Research ACCELERATOR provides diverse but critical assistance to trainees both in terms of helping them write pivotal and important papers that contribute to clinical research, knowledge in arthritis and in terms of helping them refine their ideas by subjecting those ideas to the cauldron of constructive criticism that ACCELERATOR presents. Trainees, postdoctoral students and faculty interact regularly face-to-face with one another to provide methodologic expertise for studies and help when a study is being designed or carried out. Visiting speakers also participate in ACCELERATOR meetings, providing insights into emerging research fields that can be applicable to rheumatic disease research and fostering new interdisciplinary collaborative opportunities. Beginning in 2019 we have opened the docket of the ACCELERATOR meeting once monthly to presentations from members of our research community who are not part of the core group of investigators.

ACCELERATOR attendees consist of faculty (physicians, statisticians, and epidemiologists), rheumatology fellows, post-docs, project managers, data analysts, and graduate students. The meeting starts at 9:30 and lasts about 2 hours depending on the number of presentations.

During the meeting, we often review research proposals, abstracts and manuscripts, and discuss new research ideas. We also invite outside speakers to give talks on their research.

Presenters often talk about their research for about one hour in a very informal setting. If possible, participants will send copies of their presentation for distribution to attendees. Questions may be asked during the talk or when the presentation is complete.

ACCELERATOR meetings take place every Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:30 am in X231.