Educators’ Collaborative Lunch 2019-2020

September 24, 2019
Visual Abstracts: Sharing Scientific Research with Twitter-friendly Graphics
David Flynn, MS(LIS)
Assistant Professor, MedSci&Edu,
Assistant Director, Alumni Medical Library
Kayla Hammond Larkin, MS(LIS)
Education and Information Services Librarian, Alumni Medical Library
October 29, 2019 
How to Design an Education Evaluation Project
[Slides] [Website]
Lindsay B. Demers, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor, Medicine,
Director, Education Evaluation Core
December 10, 2019
Old Tools, New Tricks
We all use databases like PubMed and Web of Science when searching for papers, but did you know that there are new features included in these resources that are invaluable for Educators? In this workshop you will learn how to:

  1.       Calculate your H-Index
  2.       Identify journals with high Impact Factors in your discipline
  3.      Find journals that are a good fit for your manuscript
  4.      Determine which publishers are legitimate and which are predatory
  5.       Populate your ORCID ID
  6.       Discover other funding agencies and grant opportunities
  7.       See what cutting edge research topics are being presented at conferences
David Flynn, MS(LIS)
Assistant Professor, MedSci&Edu,
Assistant Director, Alumni Medical Library
January 28, 2020 
Practera, A Learning Management System for Practice-Based Teaching and Learning
Jacey Greece, DSc, MPH
Clinical Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences
James Wolff, MD, MPH, MAT
Associate Professor, Global Health
Nikki James, MBA, DEd
Vice President, Learning & Experience, Practera
February 25, 2020 
Team-Based Learning: A Hogwarts Approach [Recording]
Molly Cohen-Osher, MD, MMedEd
Assistant Dean of Medical Education for Curriculum & Instructional Design, Director of Medical Student Education for Family Medicine, Assistant Professor, Departments of Family Medicine and Medical Sciences & Education
Priya Garg, MD
Associate Dean of Medical Education, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
March 24, 2020
 Teaching Clinical Reasoning: Theory and Practice [Recording]
Joseph Rencic, MD
Director of Clinical Reasoning Education
April 28, 2020
From the Ground Up: Grounding Your Research with Conceptual/Theoretical Frameworks
(Access Password: 2W%rc13d)
Presentation Slides
Jana Mulkern, EdD
Associate Director, BUMC IT – EdMedia
GMS Course Director, MS in Health Professions Education Program