COVID-19 Response

Boston Medical Center COVID-19 Infectious Disease Guidance

These resourceswere developed for internal use at Boston Medical Center as a guide to aid frontline providers from all disciplines in caring for patients with COVID-19. These are not recommendations nor are they guidance for use outside of BMC. Please check that you have the latest version of this document. The latest versions of BMC algorithms and policies can be found here.

This BMC Proud video, featuring colleagues from across the hospital sharing what they are proud of!

Infectious Disease COVID-19 Response and ID Activities

As a novel virus began to spread in Wuhan, China, our Infectious Diseases (ID) team knew they had to act swiftly. The department sprang into action to help BMC prepare for a potential pandemic – and they haven’t stopped since. Their initial focus was informing our hospital’s response and coordinating with state and federal health officials.

You likely read or heard one of our many ID physicians on local and national media in the past several weeks, as they have been called upon to provide expertise and insight. Section Chief Tamar Barlam, MD, recently co-authored a Boston Globe article providing advice on what our healthcare system needs to do to avoid a resurgence of COVID-19. Thanks to the entire ID team for helping keep our patients and staff safe!

Lead: Alison Nelson, DO

Treatment Algorithms
Lead: Tamar Barlam, MD

COVID-19 Testing Protocols
Lead: Natasha Hochberg, MD

COVID-19 Inpatient isolation protocols and PPE
Lead: Cassandra Pierre, MD

COVID-19 Outpatient protocols
Lead: Jai Marathe, MD

Occupational Health (Working Well Clinic)
Lead: Karen Jacobson, MD

Clinical Algorithms for Admission and Discharge
Lead: Sabrina Assoumou, MD, MPH

Scientific monitoring and review
Lead: Lee Wetzler, MD

Patient communication and education materials
Lead: Benjamin Linas, MD, MPH

Prevention and treatment in socially vulnerable populations
Lead: Joshua Barocas, MD

Review of current CDC/DPH/BPHC/other hospital protocols
Lead: Tara Bouton, MD, MPH

Research Protocols 
Lead: Benjamin Linas, MD, MPH

Clinical Algorithms for admission and discharge
Lead: Sabrina Assoumou, MD

DOM/Inpatient Liaisons
Lead: Maura Fagan, MD