The Department of Infection Prevention provides services for the identification and prevention of infections in patients and staff. These services include surveillance, data analysis, consultation, and education. Services are provided to the geriatric adult (70+), the adult (18-70), and the pediatric and neonatal patient.

The main objective of the Infection Prevention Program is to prevent healthcare associated infections by:

  • Maintaining an active surveillance system
  • Analyzing data, providing appropriate feedback and recommendations, and monitoring outcomes
  • Establishing written infection prevention policies and procedures.
  • Providing for the education of personnel in policies and procedures necessary to reduce the risk of nosocomial infection.
  • Maintaining an active multi-disciplinary Infection Prevention Committee.
  • Assisting staff to provide uncompromised care for patients placed on isolation precautions
  • Investigating and evaluating outbreaks and exposures.
  • Participating in projects designed to improve patient care and/or protect the staff.


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